Minister of Foreign Affairs

Day 4,371, 07:32 Published in United Kingdom Spain by MattScazza

Hi Folks,

Humphrey has just appointed me Minister of Foreign Affairs for the eUK so I wanted to formally introduce myself.

I played eRepublik a few years ago now and was a fairly active player, I worked with Government figures a bit and set up the UKPP. I stopped playing after a while as other things in life became more interesting but came back recently as I saw the app in the App store and thought it'd be a good game to get back into as you can dip in and out and only put in as much effort as you feel like.

I was pretty disappointed to see the game is pretty dead now, especially seeing the eUK so down in the dumps, essentially having our land being used for training wars.

I decided to get a bit more involved and try and do my part to help the eUK build itself back up again, so here I am!

I've been out for a long time, a bit out of the loop, please use this article to comment below with your general take of where the eUK currently lies, how we got to this position and what we can do to improve our situation.

Seems to me that we could do with joining an alliance, I saw we were in talks with Asteria recently but seems to have broken down, anyone know why this was?

A good end goal for me would be to just see the eUK able to control and defend all of it's own regions with help from allies. Any suggestions on how we can achieve this are most welcome.

Let me know any thoughts below,