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Day 1,872, 13:14 Published in Canada Sweden by Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris

Well my time as MoE is drawing near (some of you will no doubt be cheerful about this).

While MoE I have kept my promise to Foxfire and have kept at least one article in the First Steps in eRepublik section and I restarted the mentor program.

The mentor program took on quite a few new players and I tried to match them up with those more experienced players to make their adjustment elife easier, it is to bad that more experienced players did not sign up to become mentors as the mentored outgrow the mentors, which left me to fill in the gap.

I devoted most of my time as MoE messaging new players (as I'm sure of you who multi can attest to...Code-Y?) welcoming them to the game and giving them some links to helpful articles and websites. Although the majority of these messages that I sent out went unanswered, the ones that did respond asking for advice or help made this effort worth it.

It is easy to just sit back and watch a 'noob' come into the game and make a fool of themselves but it takes some time and effort to reach out to new players and offer assistance and I know there are/were others out there helping the newer members of the community and the eCanada government thanks them for their hard work.

Here are some newer members that could use some friend requests to overwhelm them.

Jeff Westaway


Duke Canuck




Tamas Nadasdy



As a suggestion to the next MoE, it could be beneficial to undergo the mammoth task of creating a detailed tutorial that is catered specifically for eCanada new players such as what the eUK did with

I'll end by thanking Foxfire for allowing me to be a part of his government. And I would like to give props to the good job that MoE team from eIreland/Eire have done.....they must like to write.


stpolar Day 1,872, 14:16


stpolar mentioned in an article by Sabzii.

For the Win. And thanks again for all the help Sabzii on my first few days in Canada.

NoobPower Day 1,872, 14:55

Look here for detailed tutorial specifically for eCanada new players:

Mason Grey
Mason Grey Day 1,873, 22:43

Voted. I like the link made by eUK. o/

Plugson Day 1,874, 23:19

Sabzii/LB did do some work.Can't begrudge that.

Oinyo Day 1,875, 09:52

He did a great job

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