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Military Units Aid for eIreland Sovereignty

Day 2,283, 12:17 Published in Ireland Poland by Pierre Dzoncy
Military Units Aid for eIreland Sovereignty

All Military Units located in eIreland are welcome.

We kindly ask everyone to send currencies to Country Treasury which will be used to fund MPPs that eIreland need.
When you sent currencies to CT just copy the message which shows it and send private message to Pierre Dzoncy with it. Don't forget to write name of Military Unit You are from.

What are the prizes? Here we go:

Military Units contest:

1st place: Military Unit which will win will have their Military Unit advertisement in all national newspapers articles to the end of this presidential cadency.
2nd place: Military Unit which will finish on second place will gain access for 2 people to all MoFA IRC channels for 24 hours.
3rd place: Military Unit which finish 3rd in contest will get Country President as member of it for 24 hours.

Personal awards:

Player which will send highest amount will be able to give orders to CrOmega for 24 hours.

Everyone participating in event will be mentioned in Country President article.

Event is starting from now and will end on Saturday (day 2286) at 15:00 eRepublik time.

Best Regards,
Pierre Dzoncy
eIreland MoFA


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,283, 12:18

Let's give our best o7

irishbhoy1967 Day 2,283, 12:18


Minino. Day 2,283, 12:18

Miau! :3

Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Day 2,283, 12:25


Apacer194 Day 2,283, 12:28

vote 🙂

Maximus.Decimus.Meridius. Day 2,283, 12:30


Alan Snape
Alan Snape Day 2,283, 12:32

vote 🙂

Bhane Day 2,283, 12:41


I've donated to the treasury in the past.
I have donated to the treasury recently.
I will donate to the treasury in the future.

No screencaps taken, I don't want any of those "prizes". Somebody else can win them. 😛

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,284, 05:33

Well you bragging as attempt to get more respect is a prize for itself.

But then Bhane...considering your strong support of thieves of Ireland like you showed with conway, considering you faked national referendum by appointing only yourself as vote counter, considering you refuse as cp to give full financial report of state money even there is 7000 golds missing......i say you donated shit before, you donate shit now and you will donate shit in future...

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 08:12

7k gold. Nice, considering even ePoland have maybe 25k of gold now. Seriously, tell me some more about it. My nick on Rizon irc server: PierreDzoncy.


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,284, 08:22

just did in your paper where you aked the same question

Antollos Day 2,283, 14:16

voted o7

Gustavus Adolphus Magnus
Gustavus Adolphus Magnus Day 2,283, 14:24

Excellent initiative!

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 2,283, 15:08

Brilliant idea Pierre, I liked our discussion on it earlier!

Oinyo Day 2,283, 15:19


Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 2,283, 19:15


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,284, 05:25

And in wich way the winners will be chosen?

Considering the missing of 7000 golds of state money this looks like another way to scam irish.

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 07:59

Never heard about it. Tell me some more about this missing gold.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,284, 08:21

golds ireland won on one of weekly tournament.....not accountable.
brother Krakken made detailed analysis of all irish orgs and mm....he can provide details

Also mof is refusing to publish detailed financed report.

Every irish iep must be accountable and traced for what purpose was used....and we have nothing....

Now you answer to my previous will you decide the winner?

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 08:29

Well, if this is the way you are describing it, then I'm on your side as I was always supporter of clear and transparent country economy.

It's simple. Numbers don't lie. So the winner is the one who will donate biggest amount.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,284, 05:48

how much aids will you give the winner?

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 07:56

For you only HIV. xD

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 08:09

Just joking. Seriously I don't understand this trolling from your side. It's in our interest - all of us.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,284, 10:59

how many aids its not trolling wth are you talking about the plural of aid h.i.v. should give you the clue already its not aids its a.i.d.s anti immunity disorder sickness.

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,284, 06:48


because irish treasury is empty? how is possible ?

one month in ireland, he asks for money and all say thank you! great ! hum wait 75% of the o7 in this article are not irish, humm amazing .

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,284, 07:55

Nope it's not empty. But as we need about 8-10 MPPs and we have funds for five so we need some action. We can always rise taxes - but I hate this way both in RL and in game. And no, I'm not a pTOer and I never was. Ask any country I've been in past - for example South Africa.

Bhane Day 2,284, 10:40

We need 3-4 efficient MPPs with active nations... not an extra half dozen superfluous MPPs of wasteful spending. There's no reason to we can't be smart with our money.

Also do not feed the trolls.
The 7k gold is more than accounted for in the bank organizations. RtK's article actually proved there was far more than 7k gold in the banks, confirming that nothing has been stolen. Don't fall for any of Vik/RtKs lies. Everything they say is a spun web of complete falsehoods. Even the false facts they use are half-truths at best. They cherry pick a nugget of information, and twist it into whatever tale they want to tell.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,285, 02:18

we had 2.4 million and you ONLY have 50 000 IEP ?

Bhane Day 2,285, 03:26

Comment deleted

Bhane Day 2,285, 03:28

I have never known the exact amount our nation has in it's coffers. I have never had access to any of the bank orgs... not even during my CP terms. I know you keep trying to call me a thief. But saying it over, and over again will not really make it true.

I actually have less than 1k IEP in currency, at the moment.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,284, 08:06

Our treasury is full, but we don't want to spend it, it's better if we could all give our best to not spend any treasury and still have MPP's.

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,284, 08:54

las months, ireland avoid MPP and was rich so ask for money now is surprising.
maybe ireland finally gave cc for citizen (Tg or anything) recently and need support now?

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 2,284, 09:22

We just did.. I organised the TG subsidy on behalf of Bhane's government >.>

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,285, 02:20

yeah what the us gave us. esmeralda that 7000 gold that we fought so hard for cannot be accounted for we had 2.2 million before and 2.4 million after 7 ,million gone.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,284, 09:20

eIreland give money for TG's last month already.

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,284, 09:22

thank you for the replies

Bhane Day 2,284, 10:44

eIreland's treasury funds our MPPs just fine. I think they are trying to get external donations for an AS effort. Our normal budget cannot cover any air strike expenses.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,284, 11:37

No, we're trying to gather money for increased number of MPP's we're going to sign soon.

Bhane Day 2,284, 11:42

Fair 'nuf.
That is a far better method for funding mutual defense pacts, than jacking up taxes to raise prices on eIrish citizens, or making WaM clicks untenable.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,286, 05:15


Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,287, 09:13

No one sent me any PM. So seems like there was no event. Sad...

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