Migrations and Beta Testing

Day 933, 09:02 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

This is the last Insider dedicated to the new economic and military modules. More precisely we are going to cover migrations. We are sure that many of you are wondering what is going to turn into what, and now we are able to clarify this.

Firstly, it must be said that there are two types of migrations: manual ones (you decide how to migrate) and automatic ones. For example, if you don't migrate your economic skills, they will eventually be migrated automatically, according to some default rules. But It won't be like “choose right now, or you lose this opportunity” 🙂 The period within you can set or change your migrations will be pretty long, about two weeks.

1. Economic skills.

Let's start with the economic skills. To be crystal clear, we will give you some examples: Suppose that citizen John Doe has a manufacturing skill of 4, a land skill of 4 and a construction skill of 16. So he has 24 points in total. In the new module the professional skills will be different as well as the number of points you can gain. So in order to keep you current progress in V1 in proportion to the new module we take into account the number of days John Doe worked to gain those 24 points. In the new module you will receive the equivalent to the days worked as skill points. You can then decide to distribute those points onto your new skills. For example, if the 24 "old" points equal 100 "new" points, you can decide to spend 80% of them on one skill and 20% on another; or in whatever combination you prefer.

2. Military strength.

The same goes for military strength. The current strength corresponds to a certain number of days John Doe trained in eRepublik. We will convert these into the number of days he trained in the new module and you get military skill points that you can distribute on the new weapon skills. The booster benefits will not be lost but will be considered as extra training days (eg: one day trained with Napoleon counts as three trained days). As for the total damage, it will be imported as it is but please keep this in mind: the damage you deal in PvP fights gains you weapon skill points, while defeating enemies gains your rank points.

3. Companies.

When we launch the new modules, each existing company will have the opportunity to distribute a certain number of Customization Points. These points are granted according to the company's quality, and from there on it is your decision how to customize your products.

- Weapon companies will be migrated into Rifle companies;

- Gift companies will be migrated into Helicopter companies;

- Diamond companies will be migrated into Titanium companies;

- Wood companies will be migrated into Stone companies;

- All other companies remain what they are right now.

There will be two industries with no factories at the moment of the launch: tanks and artillery. You have to create those companies from scratch.

4. Stocks.

All current stocks will be migrated into the new module, excluding gifts. All gifts have to be consumed before the launch of the new modules, or they will be lost. This is true only for gifts in inventories; the gift stocks will be converted into helicopter stocks taking into consideration a parity (e.g. 10 gifts = 1 helicopter). The rest of the stocks, food, houses, etc, will be migrated either manually or automatically.

For instance, if you have a weapon company with 2.000 weapons in stock, in the new module we will ask you to migrate your company. After you do that and define the characteristics of the rifles that your new company will produce, the 2.000 units in stock are turned into 2.000 new rifles. Of course, those rifles will have the customization identical to your company's customization. All other stocks are migrated the same way.

As for products in your inventory, what you'll have in there will be migrated according to some default rules which distribute the customization points more or less equally to all components. For example, a Q5 house will turn into a house with certain attributes, a Q4 weapon into a rifle with some default attributes, and so on. The existing hospitals and defense systems in the launch day will also be migrated.

5. Regions.

As you know, some regions of the New World are very important because they are high in resources. In the new modules this remains valid, as current regions retain their importance. Oil, grain and iron regions are unaffected. The current regions with high diamond resources will be migrated into high Titanium regions, and the current Wood regions will be turned into Stone regions.

Ok, that's it about migrations. When the time is appropriate, the economic formulas will be published in our wiki too. In spite of the fact that we asked them to keep it secret, most of you already know that we have been in the private beta testing phase since last week. Keep in mind that formulas from private beta are not final. We promised that the new modules will be playable this spring, didn't we? 😃

Oh well, we understand that our testers wanted to share their exciting experience with everybody. But don't be jealous of them, as we have a very important announcement to make : private beta testing will soon end and we will move on into the public beta phase, the last one before the official launch! Yes, you read it correctly: in about one week everybody will be able to log onto the beta server and play with the new modules until the launch! By playing with the beta version you will be able to get a better grip on the new modules, but please don't forget about the “regular” eRepublik meanwhile. The migrations will only take the official server into consideration, so your gains and history while playing in beta will vanish.

Best regards,
Your eRepublik team