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MI Weekly Report (Apr 28-May 4)

Day 1,993, 21:03 Published in USA USA by Heather Fuchs
Ready? AIM, Pie! err... Fire!

The MI Weekly Report.

These weekly entries will feature various troop stats collected for the week as well as any recent MI news, announcements, or updates... and perhaps the occasional hidden gem...

This Week in the MI

The big news this week in the MI, of course, is the formation of US-AIM. For anyone living under a rock the past couple of days, this is the United States Association of Independent Militias. This is a large collaborative grouping of non-governmental military units with the goal of coordinating and intermingling of the various groups for operations and general fun!

The MI, along with the rest of the eUS Military, joined together with a buttload of other independent militias both large and small... all in the name of something thats been sorely lacking from the game lately..... FUN!

The founding Members of US-AIM:

Seal Team 6
Easy Company
Praetorian Guards
eUS Military:
-US Marine Corps
-US Army
-Mobile Infantry
-National Guard
-US Training Corps
Cannon Cockers
VMA 214 The Black Sheep
Sherwood Foresters
Sons of Liberty
The Activity
The Revolutionary Army

Together we preformed our first joint operation- the liberation of Canada from Spain. The op went awesomely, with multiple battles won, Canada regaining territory, and a great amount of fun had by all involved! With such awesome success from the first joint operation, and more indepedent military units petitioning to join, the fun is sure to continue with more joint actions in the future!

Aside from the AIM stuff, the Department of Pie April IRC Challenge ended earlier this past week, with some disappointing results. Though we didn't drop as low as we did in some previous weeks, we never managed to build up any significant streaks. I'll have to find something to do with all the spare tanks I have left over... <.< Our overall fight stats slightly improved from the previous week, thanks mainly to the tanking done during the Canadian battles. Hopefully with the newfound "fun" and future ops activity will continue to increase.

No promotions to report this week.

MI Stats for the week of Apr 28-May 4

Top 5 MI Fighters of the Week
based on est. # of fights done



Heather Fuchs



Top 5 Most Improved in Rank
based upon % increase in total rank points

FlyinPenguin4 - 27.09% Rank Point increase

Clevin - 8.20% Rank Point increase

KrazyKen - 7.55% Rank Point increase

darksrevan - 6.91% Rank Point increase

LiuKunLin - 5.69% Rank Point increase

Rank Level Increases
The following MI personnel have increased in Rank Level in the past week:

Sadew Shragnor to Legendary Force***
Verdugo22 to Legendary Force*
Jericho Canaan to World Class Force
Hextos to National Force***
Agent ballerina to Supreme Marshal*
FlyinPenguin4 to General*

Private of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the private who has been the most exceptional in terms of activity and dedication within the Mobile Infantry.

This week's recipient is:

No One... again.

Three weeks. Three weeks in a row, somehow absolutely no privates managed to qualify Fine, the officially goes to jankems' privates....
Several were very close this week, but managed to disqualify themselves by missing a single day of work! Come on people, I don't wanna have to shelve this award!

If any privates would like a chance at this award, they need get more active. (hint: just to qualify you should make sure you work daily for the commune, make sure you put in some fights, and get on IRC!)

Officer of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the officer determined to be the most exceptional in encouraging activity and engaging their troops.

This week's recipient is:

Christopher L. Ripple

Ripple snags the award this week! As a reward he will receive a bonus 10 Q7 weapons!

Congrats to everyone for their accomplishments this week!

MI Troops - work hard and be active and you could be on next week's report.

For those not in the MI -

If your strength is at least 500 and your battlefield rank is Lieutenant or higher (or you can do at least 100 influence per fight barehanded) ...and if you like pie as much as we do, you too could be a member of the Mobile Infantry!!!

Not strong enough for the MI yet or have no experience with a military group?
Then join the eUS Training Corps

General Heather Fuchs
Commanding Officer
eUS Mobile Infantry


Heather Fuchs
Heather Fuchs Day 1,993, 21:04

Next up... coordinating pies?

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,993, 21:23

Donkey Kong congratulate, Christopher Ripple, and top fighters, for exemplary service.

BMai Day 1,993, 21:31

Hmm, well darn

AutumnsDawn Day 1,993, 21:56

congrats all

Sadew Shragnor
Sadew Shragnor Day 1,993, 22:31


Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 1,993, 22:50

kitmen Day 1,993, 22:59

Way to go, Rip!

clevin Day 1,993, 23:07

For the love of pie!

ligtreb Day 1,994, 00:12

Way to go, MI!

darksrevan Day 1,994, 04:18


Greenday4537 Day 1,994, 08:31


Verdugo22 Day 1,994, 11:31


Oxy744 Day 1,994, 12:21 5, that never happens

sonix Day 1,994, 13:35

go go

Ruscion Day 1,994, 15:13


Agent ballerina
Agent ballerina Day 1,994, 21:09

I'm trying to be good, but god kill me now, graduation season is upon me and last week absolutely killed me.

Donovan McNair
Donovan McNair Day 1,995, 00:04

voted bravo1

NoVaK220 Day 1,995, 05:40


Spamgobbler Day 1,995, 05:45

Aim high.

kavan1028 Day 1,995, 07:13


jmurrib21 Day 1,996, 12:14

o7 voted 33

Ricardo Rivera Abad
Ricardo Rivera Abad Day 1,997, 14:48


Christopher L Ripple
Christopher L Ripple Day 1,999, 10:31


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