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Mera Bharat Mahan!

Day 1,803, 02:21 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Let's begin with an honest "question"..
Question: Who is Uv Ajed?
Answer: A feeling when you have seen somebody just a little while ago but you actualy have not!

Something of a grave magnitude engulfed the Indian politics in past few days. The worst part of it was that it went unnoticed by most Indians except maybe 1 or 2. And later it was discovered that this was done without any real consent of Indians except maybe 1 or 2.
Before we delve deeper into the article and the whole situation

here's a song to listen(in the background of course)
Vande Mataram - Maa Tujhe Salaam

while you read(a part of the chat log from yesterday's discussion on #India)
US MU immigration Chat Log

So that's just a small part of a huge fight we had over the chat, which didnt really answer our concern. So here are few points..

1. "<CFovetS>: simple fact is india is weak
<CFovetS>: My MU can do as much damage ase the whole country
<CFovetS>: we are bored where we are
<CFovetS>: so i offered to shift and help out"

2. "<CFovetS>: we promised not to do anything politically at all for atleast a few months
<Samnomix>: for atleast a few months?
<CFovetS>: yeah we would like to integrate into your country
<CFovetS>: not take it over, but eventually be trusted to run for congress and things like that"

3. "<Hamturk>: navincharles: this has been put to congress
<Hamturk>: it's not just my choice
<Samnomix>: Hamturk it was put to congress after three of them got cs?
<Samnomix>: and you say it wasnt your choice?
<Hamturk>: 2*
<Samnomix>: how many people did you consult before giving cs to 2 of them
<navincharles>: it is indeed ur choice
<Hamturk>: just cabinet as congress was changing
<navincharles>: that an excuse darren
<Samnomix>: so couldnt you wait until the congress changed before giving cs?

There are several others points like this which were raised yesterday..
Now lets analyze some questions that any indian is bound to ask and see if we have an answer to it!
and while we do that, here is another picture for all those patriotic Indians like me out there!

Question: Why is the American MU coming to India
Response of the supporters:
1. To help us with war and stuffs
Our response
To help us with which war? Sorry but India doesn't have any war at the moment, if their intention was war then why did they select the country which doesn't have any wars or enemies within the reach of 2 states?
Why not some other allies which already do?
Response of the supporters:
2. Indonesia is coming
Our response
If Indonesia can penetrate croatia, then there is no way that it can be stopped by a 30 members MU!
Response of the supporters:
3. We could always use help of the extra damage when we have war!
Our response
Against whom?
Response of the supporters:
Pakistan and Thailand!
Our response
Seriously? LOL
Response of the supporters:
4. We need to build a strong Indian community
Our response
If you really want to build a strong Indian community then focus on bringing a babyboom to India, rather than bringing in a group of 30 members MU, whom no one in India really knows. As of the question of the effectiveness of babyboom is concerned. Yes it hasn't been effective because no serious effort has been put into it so far.
Response of the supporters:
The govt. is working on it!
Our response
Since past 21 days, without any result? Does the same govt. plan to work/continue after the next CP is elected and a new govt. is formed, as well? There are several people in India who are willing to spend real money for helping us achieve baby boom by promotion, hiring of marketing professionals, etc.!
Response of the supporters:
5. They had a huge fight back home and defected after US decided to join CTRL! So they came to India a proEden country!
Our response
Why didn't they select any other pro-eden country then?
MU Chief's response
India is a weak country, our MU can do as much damage as the whole country(bragging much?)
CP's response to it
No one invited them.
Our response
In case in future situation arises that some new anti-eden govt. decides to to join some other alliance, what would this pro-EDEN MU group do?
Response of the supporters:
We are not quitting EDEN. And if it happens in future, the future govt. will deal with it.
Our response
The question here isn't about us quitting EDEN. To be honest we ain't, but the point is what if we have an anti-EDEN govt.?
Response of the supporters:
We won't have one!(smell something fishy?)
Response of the supporters:
6. They won't be involved in Politics and stuffs. they are here because they don't want to be in CTRL ruled country!
response of MU's commander
We won't join politics for few months. But later we will after we get integrated into the country. Why do you think we came here in first place if we didn't want to be involved in politics?
Our response
Kindly refer to MU commander's response
Response of the supporters:
7. They are only bringing in 15 people so are harmless.
response of MU's commander
We would be bringing in about 15 people for the time being.
Our response
for the time being?
response of MU's commander
More will follow afterwards!
Response of the supporters:
Well in anyways "15 people" that won't have much impact on indian politics!
Our response
15 People are more than enough to take over any party in india and get at least 10% seats in congress!
Response of the supporters:
8. they were Vouched by many.
Our response
And who all where they?
Response of the supporters:
Govt. of Ireland and Canada!
Our response
a>And how many Indians?
b>Since when did the govt. of other countries start taking decision for india?
c>and why didn't the govt. of Ireland and Canada integrate this group into their country if this MU was leaving because they were pissed off at US joining ctrl?
Response of the supporters:
a> The Indians were to be informed about it after the new congress.
b> They are our allies
c> because this group wants to help India
Our response
a> Couldn't the CS pass be put on hold till the new congress was elected then? 2 CS passes were given away without any consultation with the congress which in usual case would result in the blacklisting of the person?
b> And we ain't Indians?
c> We really appreciate it. But anyone can help a country without really taking a cs of the country! If they genuinely want to help it!
A Note to all Supporters:
it's easy to gather support by showing a person, one side of the card. the difficulty arises when the card is flipped

A Note to all eIndians and rl Indians:
The whole case is now left for the country to decide. Remember this is a democracy and no one whosoever it is can stop you from expressing your opinion. But your opinion does matter for securing the future of India.

If you want to oppose the idea of giving cs to a foreign MU please sign below with ~Swaraj~. Your name will be added to the list of people who oppose the idea.

If you still don't see any problem with it sign the article with ~Let Them In~. Your name would figure in the list of Let them in!

For further debate or discussion join #loksabha on irc.

List of People who oppose the idea of integrating this Foreign MU into India
1. Uv Ajed
2. navincharles
3. Xordin
4. Rebelash
5. Abhinay
6. Deadley
7. Fighter100
8. Brknsword
9. Shreyash_Wadiwala
10. Asmitatheone
11. Gaurav12
12. DrShYaM
13. rhitik
14. Nueveocho

Let them In!
1. Hamturk
2. Alector
3. ArawnLives
4. Dinesh Raju
5. Bhishk
6. Graf Sprat
7. Don Mogul
8. Kartik05



ArawnLives Day 1,803, 02:22

First blocked. Reading now.

ArawnLives Day 1,803, 02:26

My name's already there, but I like the idea of the cool '~' character being used.
So -
~Let them in~ xD

vigorious Day 1,803, 02:42

very nice article. all deatailed is here what happened yesterday night

navincharles Day 1,803, 03:24


Just want to bring the words to light once again...

<CFovetS>: My MU can do as much damage ase the whole country
<CFovetS>: so i offered to shift and help out"

When asked who asked for help? There was no answer...

Do we need such damage from someone or a group, which call us weak??

If helping was the concern, they could always use a ticket travel to India and fight like our ever-Hailed Bulgarian Brothers used to.. What is the need for CS?? Think guys think...

Rebelash Day 1,803, 04:15


BrknSword Day 1,803, 04:15


Lonqu Day 1,803, 04:51

Nice twisting of words here.

Yes, we are aware they want to participate. The 2 months non-participation in politics is to give them an opportunity to build up trust and respect within the community. Immediate participation = everyone will cry 'PTO'.

Frankly, it's not just the damage - we need more active ppl and more participation. The MU came because they wanted a community change, not just to give us more damage.

Lonqu Day 1,803, 04:52

And finally, the main issue in the logs is lack of communication. Indeed, we told Hamturk to write an article first, but he acted prematurely to accept 2 ppl, and we were forced to defend this as well, in order to defend the whole proposal.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,803, 04:54

For further debate or discussion join #loksabha on irc...

ShockWavve Day 1,803, 05:19

Noobs at work ............ Hamturk tried to be a dictator

Hamturk did a mistake ......... Bad poodle bone for you

CfovetS seems nice guy........y such a fuss

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,803, 05:52


Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,803, 06:13

Greetings Uv Ajed - While I am serving this month as MoFA of eIreland - I view myself as proEDEN - I am a citizen of EDEN first.

I have long been a supporter of all EDEN nations as well as those that are proEDEN.

The best part of this game, imo, is the fact that I meet and talk with people from different nations. It opens my mind to new thoughts and ideas.

There is no ulterior motive here from these people - they come with genuine and honest motives to be part of your nation.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,803, 06:14

Also... I am friends with CFovetS irl and while he has perhaps not got the best diplomatic skills, he is a person who has deep honor and a sense of right - he is more than honorable and you take his words out of context.

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,803, 06:40

Lol shockwavve.
which side are you on?

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,803, 06:41

~Let Them In~

kapahii Day 1,803, 06:43

i m of the opinion, let them in but they should not stand for any political activity atleast for good 4 months,

they should first help us in war times and enlighten us with their wisdom, then afterwards we can let them in politics.

ShockWavve Day 1,803, 06:53

If they are in ...... They have every rite to stand in elections...... We can not and shall not prohibit them from running in congress election.

Hamturk and alector handled this case in the worst possible way.......are u guys planning a coup ? You guys certainy made it look like one.

Or may be afraid that Ashwamedh will stand in elections and will never step down ( or will not be allowed to step down by his followers ) and eIndia will turn Anti eden

ShockWavve Day 1,803, 06:57

@Dinesh. ........ U are new so u don't know me........who so ever pays me more .......I troll from him.......but when payment stops coming ...I quit

shreyash_wadiwala Day 1,803, 07:06

Big no to them...Don't give them CS....

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,803, 07:17

This is outstanding coverage of the issue, I wish that eCan and eUS politics were like this.

I am one of the 15, and I intend to integrate

It's funny, people have a hard time believing that they have built a place that is attractive to other people. India is a better option than the one we were in (eUS) and the one we were originally from (eCan).

HemanathanKumar Day 1,803, 08:00

Ok.. Damage has been done already.. Could the people who are in favour of this decision ask them to stay out of Indian politics

Asmitatheone Day 1,803, 08:20

I am with the opposers. Well consider me to be the old hag who wud rather have cold food than burn my hand trying to heat it.
1. I have seen the few who kept fighting PTO attempts for the past 12 months now. I dont want to hand over the country in a platter. I would rather err on the side of caution.

Asmitatheone Day 1,803, 08:20

2. I dont care about increasing damage if it is not by permanent eIndian(or real Indians). These 15/30 ppl will move out whenever they feel like and that kinda of damage i dont want at the cost of safety.
3. If they are trustworthy and sooooo wonderful, eCanada and eIreland, please accept their CS.
We have always been frnds and I am sure we will help each other whenever we need it.

Asmitatheone Day 1,803, 08:20

4. If i need it to be vouched by anyone in the EDEN, I need the opinion of CHina Croatia and Romania, alongwith eIreland.

Gaurav12 Day 1,803, 08:24


Lonqu Day 1,803, 08:30

@Asmita: Have you looked at the state of every other small EDEN country like ours?
For example, let's look at eIreland. ICA and everyone else fighting it out over small piece of sh*t.

This community is attractive, because it is peaceful (mostly).

Asmitatheone Day 1,803, 09:41

for godsake its an MU, they dont want peace i think. they need war to make it count and with most of EDEN wiped they shud be in demand.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,803, 10:04

Well.. Havent been playing actively for quite some time and dont intend to either, but do remember, David was also not an RL Indian 🙂

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,803, 10:05

If I was not clear... I vote for letting them in.. Cause, its a Win Win..

If they are truly honest in their motives, great, it adds to eIndia
If they are not, it would really be fun to fight back a PTO attempt with some substance 😉

just my 2 cents...

Asmitatheone Day 1,803, 10:34

well getting wiped in a battle and fighting back to get our lands is fun anytime. but fighting a PTO and if we lose losing control over india forever is a nightmare i wud avoid.

Lonqu Day 1,803, 10:36

Peaceful = community aspect. We don't argue much - that is what I meant.

DrShYaM Day 1,803, 11:07

Not worth all this when they don't have anything we are in a bad need for. They can be nice guys , vouched by all of Eden , but they don't make any significant change here nor it is worth all these quarrels and risk of take over .

Why base a MU where we rarely fight ?

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,803, 11:20

@AsmitatheOne.. Losing control of eIndia forever?? dont worry.. That's never gonna happen.. But as I said, just my 2 cents. 🙂

lHonouR Day 1,803, 12:01



navincharles Day 1,803, 12:43

@Graf - Hi bro, quite a while...
Dave was not RL indian... I agree... Alector too wasnt... Alector has done good stuff for the enation... And Dave, do I even have to talk about his contribution... If you see they are just individuals... What is asked right now is for a group of 15 minimum, that is quite a risk.. If its only 2-3, thats fine....

rhitik Day 1,803, 14:06



Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,803, 21:34

@Navin... Hey Bro.. Really long time.. As I said, it was just a thought.. There is nothing more exciting than fighting a PTO attempt 😉

Vaibhavftp Day 1,803, 23:10

Oh boy quite a long discussion and surely a big issue effecting all of us. Wish it was more organised. I would like to have bigger number of users in India. Babyboom wont happen on its own. If there are maybe 10-15 actives in chat, they cant really retain new players.

If there are more members hopefully interest/activity levels go up. But surely there should have been a vote/consent of everyone before giving CS.

nihalmoraes Day 1,803, 23:58

~Let them in~
Total noob here. But from my understanding of what has transpired I'd say let them in but with an assurance of staying out of politics for a good 5-6 months. Would give them time to show the good they say they want to do here.


xTrusive Day 1,804, 05:16

~Let them in~
btw , rl indian in that mu as well , my own very brother . The only foreign MU i would trust

NueveOcho Day 1,804, 06:17

U forgot to include me between the ones that oppose that MU

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 07:37

Let them in

NueveOcho Day 1,804, 20:10

ShockWavve, if you don't know how EDEN works shut the f up

NueveOcho Day 1,804, 20:11

Don't let them in, they will PTO the country

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 22:20

Spammer ^^ anti-Eden rants

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