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Meet Your Patriotic AFA Congressmen

Day 1,768, 16:24 Published in USA Japan by Kaptain Kidd

According to RGR the AFA is for US interests and only want to help and fight for America. I've compiled a list from those applied to congress from AFA and took some stats directly from that list. Let's have a look. hmmm almost 15 mil dmg for serbia under 2 weeks ago 56 million for serbia, 0 for USA True patriot history 86 million for serbia 0 for US 11 million for serbia 0 for US 70 mil Serbia 0 US 34 million Serbia, 300k US 65 mil Serbia, 0 US 6 million for USA but over 5 million in one fight for Bulgaria only 2 weeks ago 163 million for Bulgaria, 0 for US 8 million for Romania 0 for US 12 million against sweden last week, wasn't this directly against gov't orders? But then Refund is a Serbian MU ditto the MU 22 mil for Bulgaria 0 for US 119 mil for Bulgaria, Bulgarian MU Bulgaria MU, single campaign damage for Bulgaria almost as high as total for US TP 151 mil for Bulgaria and top damage for Bulgaria against Argentina, wait weren't we helping Argentina that Fight? 161 mil for Serbia 0 for US another Bulgarian with top fight against Argentina, ditto above 113 mil for Fyrom, 12 mil for Fyrom yesterday against France

The list goes on but it does take time to go through them all but you might notice a pattern. Have fun.

Your Goddess,



Cthulhu.. Day 1,768, 16:27


DW.Frost Day 1,768, 16:27


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,768, 16:28

Okay... 100 people apply, how many will get in, 15 maybe?

This means nothing.

Write this after elections.


Rona1d Day 1,768, 16:31

Lol ajay,but 15 serbs can give more cz and in the next elections they will win more seats,

bigcdizzle Day 1,768, 16:32

If it gets written after elections it will say the exact same thing.


Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,768, 16:38

AJ, answer this... why does your party appeal to so many serbs?

Syz2 Day 1,768, 16:47


Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,768, 17:02

true story bro

BeachBunny Day 1,768, 17:25

So funny in so many ways. The fact you try to defend your party in this post is ridiculous. This is hard proof so go STFU.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,768, 17:32

when Ajay was a guest on eNPR's aftershow Thursday night he said his Party is made up of many eNationalities who support America.
somehow this seems a bit conflicting.. like.. a lie.

Norbengo Day 1,768, 17:35

Now do me

Hale26 Day 1,768, 17:36

RGR, don't you think you should at least condemn these fine chaps for joining a party you support so strongly ?
I'd be thrilled to have another elite bashing party, but I'm not so fond of a party that supports our in-game enemies.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,768, 17:38


I've been fighting him for years. He's Serb or Hun but has US cs.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,768, 18:03


HannyaTR Day 1,768, 18:23

great PTO. these guys are working. Why don't we see them other parties Ronald whatever reagan?
''Okay... 100 people apply, how many will get in, 15 maybe?

This means nothing.''

i laughed as loudly as i can.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,768, 18:40

LOL @ the flying monkey

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,768, 18:58

-Hello, I'm from a foreign nation but I would like to fight for yours truly! Oh wait, I fought for the Serbs? Woops, your not suppose to see that.

Capn. Gertrude Firepants
Capn. Gertrude Firepants Day 1,768, 19:05

Ajay Brüno: behalf rest of the world ..please return to your prescription drugs and give people some space. Thank you.

Candor Day 1,768, 19:55


chickensguys Day 1,768, 20:10

Talk about a low blow. You are either Ignorant or purposely deceptive. We all know PP's can't make the official list till the 24th. So this literally pointless

kavinaugh Day 1,768, 20:51

So funny in so many ways. The fact you try to defend your party in this post is ridiculous. This is hard proof so go STFU.

Pedja16 Day 1,768, 20:58

I'm not on the list...


Proud Yankee
Proud Yankee Day 1,768, 20:59

Yeah that sounds about right.A bunch of serbs looking out for serb interests only.And some of you people want our congress full of them.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,768, 21:00

I entreat all critics of the AFA, please sit down and speak with the leaders of the party before accepting this rhetoric as fact.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,768, 21:14

I spent 3 months before, you don't have to tell me anything.

stewy Day 1,768, 21:19

@captain kushskins... considering the many if not all of the "leadership" is blacklisted from congress, labled an enemy of state, gained us cit by a pto congressman, or turned into a rogue ptor after sneaking into congress... NO, there is nothing to talk about

Pedja16 Day 1,768, 21:33

US government is famous for its openness to other groups of people that work and pay taxes but are not native Americans...Look at INCI...US government invited them to come...oh wait... that's not right...bad example...hmmmm...

AlBrave Day 1,769, 00:19

I contacted one Albanian member in AFA, level 28. He was invited because they would put him in the list for congressmen. There are cheap lies. How many people has AFA invited with this lie?

Stanisha Day 1,769, 00:39

ReFUND is not serbian military unit, its private. We fight for who we want, where we want. We never took a dime from eSerbia, we are totaly self-financed MU.... So our interest is to eUsa have more resources, unlike some "proven" eAmericans...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,769, 02:13


not a lie.. we would put him on the list... just not guaranteed he would get in....

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,769, 06:27

So our interest is to eUsa have more resources, unlike some "proven" eAmericans...

We are well aware of your interest in resources to fight for Serbia more than your loyalty to the country, been working on that the past month, thank you.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,769, 07:13

Pedja16 dont worry bro. ull be on list asap xD

Lord Dark Helmet
Lord Dark Helmet Day 1,769, 08:36

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,769, 02:13


not a lie.. we would put him on the list... just not guaranteed he would get in....

I believe him on this one. Got to put the Serbs above the Albanian.

Pravoslavac IC XC
Pravoslavac IC XC Day 1,769, 11:05


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,769, 11:21

No LDH...

we base assignments on support for each group of candidates.

Serbs are a minority of our candidates.. stop spreading lies.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,769, 11:49

'we base assignments on support for each group of candidates.'

translation.........Whichever PTO group is the most organized gets support first

Stanisha Day 1,769, 11:56

What you actualy have against us? Except we want 5golds and that yellow medal on our profiles as same as 99% other players. PTO? Are you serious? I mean you dont have to be genius to understand that PTO is not possible in countries like eUsa, eSerbia, eRomania, etc, especially with this new rules... It is hard to do a Pto even in countries with 300 active players. From us being in eUsa you have only benefits, we pay taxes, and providing you resources...

Stanisha Day 1,769, 12:01

...and from time to time we want that 5 extra golds, and oportunity to have chance to give Cs to people from our units.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,769, 12:27

So for the gold and to give citizenship to other PTO interests, take you for confirming that, not that it was needed

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,769, 12:30

I would love 5 extra gold, but like 99% of all the other citizens I have to earn it; why should a 'special group of short busers' be singled out to receive extra gold? I am a Native Born American, I was born American and I have never been any other nationality in game; I believe that anyone who can meet those two requirements should receive a 10 gold monthly stipend...just saying....

Stanisha Day 1,769, 12:44

I realy dont want to insult you but i realy dont give a damn where you or anyone else are from in RL, or who you are. This is just a game, and i am playing it. In this game only thing you receive from it is that currency you receive when you were born, everything else you need to earn. So as this congress medal too.

Once again, PTO??? Are you kidding me? To do a PTO of eUsa we need more than 5000 players, and i dont think that any eCountry in this game has that potential.....

Stanisha Day 1,769, 12:51

...So that stories about PTO are for noobs, and stupid people. Just be honest and admit that you dont want competition during those congress election because only there you dont have some benefits from us, while overall the presence of "dirty serbian ptoers" are useful for eUsa...

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,769, 13:18 you are a Bulgarian that belongs to a Bulgarian MU and follows Bulgarian orders. You stated you want bonuses and gold. You can talk about BS all you want but o you have a real defense? You are here for the money and support your homeland, this has been established but yet you say nothing to defend your position only attack USA stances.

Stanisha Day 1,769, 13:39

Lol Have been in Bulgaria once in my live, visited Sofia, realy beautiful city.... And no, its not Bulgarian or Serbian MU. Its actually private, established with an idea to be totally independent, name given as irony on all those military units around the world who begging for those refunds. And we are proud of that.... My homeland, LOL, i changed so many countries here, what is my homeland? RL Serbia, no LOL, i am not from Serbia, especially not from Bulgaria...

Stanisha Day 1,769, 13:51

And yes i am here because of resources, like i was in Brazil, China, and other countries.

eUSA stances? Are you KIDDING ME?

eUsa is the only country that proved so many times in this game, that its guided by interests, and your interests are to have full resources, everyone in this game knows that you fight only when your interest are in danger, i mean can you named me one country that you helped once? lol No you cant.

And thats the reason why we came here not in Brazil for excample

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,769, 14:08

OK got it, you applied to congress to supply yourself and your own interests, you have 0 affiliation to anything, got it. You are currently in Serbia for no reason. Understood.

Stanisha Day 1,769, 14:39

In Serbia to buy wep raw from other members from unit that still have no Usa cs.🙂 If you help me to get them cs, i wouldnt have need to move a lot like i do now... And yes i watch my interests first because that is what this game become. No more strategy, if you want to enjoy at least a little in this game you need to have money, gold, and you can have it only if you are strong enough to get some bh medals from time to time, to produce a lot, play on mm, ofcourse without buying it for RL cash.

invaluable Day 1,769, 15:04

In my defense I'd like to say that I was an eUS congressman, two terms ago, I passed two donation laws and both of them got accepted. There's nothing more to add.

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Day 1,769, 17:53

I'm new citizen of the Confederate States of America and I want to fight for C. S. of A. , but in last 10 days in my MU, I don't have DO to fight for America.
I'm tank and I obey to my officers.
Right now when we fight to save our territory, DO in my military unit is some fucking Belarus.

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