Meet Your Cabinet - June 2010

Day 930, 05:10 Published in South Africa Sweden by zamrg

I've finalised my cabinet with the exception of 1 or 2 positions so thank you to everyone who applied. I obviously can't take everyone on but I've tried my best to accommodate all requests, both experienced and youth, and accept those applicants who I feel I'm able to work with and who are active enough to perform their duties.

I will be meeting 1 on 1 with all Ministers and Deputy Ministers over the next few days to get everyone in place and provide direction as to what I'd like to see from departments.

President: zamrg
Vice President: Merle Corey

Minister of Defense: Harrin
Deputy Minister of Defense: ChubbZilla

Minister of Security: mulderpf
Deputy Minister of Security: Conrad Dietoten
- Director of Immigration: Sandar Cain
- Director of Intelligence: Chucker71

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Deputy Minister of Finance: wincenty1
- Director of Trade: Ari Lumumba
- Director of Government Companies: Ovidiusza

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Steven Bosch
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Seisan

Minister of Information: Nickerball
Deputy Minister of Information: Fhaemita Malodorous
Director of Wiki: Fhaemita Malodorous

Minister of Social Development: Dycey Farley
Deputy Minister of Social Development: Grimstone
- Director of Mentorship: Golgavar
- Director of Education: Mr. Wet
- Director of Fun: Kentel

Minister of Tourism: SamGibz
Deputy Minister of Tourism: Stryke Blayde

Minister of Internal Affairs: Cyber Witch
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Krimpiekat

Chief of Staff of the South African Armed Forces: Tronyx
Governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa: Enoch Root
Director of the eSouth Africa Health Center: Nickerball

If you are interested in applying for one of the OPEN positions, please fill in the application form here ->