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Me, the SFP and the Future

Day 1,820, 15:34 Published in USA USA by Hampton H. Hampton

I am Hampton H. Hampton and I am running for Party President.

A little about me. I am in this game to win wars; I prefer the fighting to the political bickering, much like in RL. In RL I watch sports I hunt and drink a lot. Mostly Newcastle or Yuengling, except right now Great Lakes Christmas Ale is out and it's only out for a short time so I'm drinking that because it is awesome.

My focus for the SFP will be on the MU and the Communes that are within it. I used to be in the Mobile Infantry back in the day when you fought 5 times a day and that was it. I was in it because it gave one a direction to fight, organized battles that were won through organization.

I have spent the last two months fighting mostly in eSaudi. When I started they were off the map and are now consistently holding 3 to 4 regions at any given time. My goal with the SFP is to begin an organized attack on eIran in eSaudi to free up the regions of theirs that eIran controls. There will be opportunities for RW medals for members of the SFP Bear Cav in this endeavor.

Once we have achieved victory we, as an MU, now will have a resume of being an organized battle ready division. As a Political party we will have a resume of organization and foreign policy.

From there we push on to free up another down and out country, with another win we gain more international backing which will translate to more power in the eUSA political landscape.

We will again put a member in congress this month with a goal of two in the following month. Our spokes person will be busy this month announcing our victories and welcoming new members.

The lynch pin in this is our Communes; they will be our supply strength in us maintaining our battles and victories. The more members in the commune the more supplies we have. The more members that donate WRM to the commune the less money the commune spends on WRM and the more it can pay in salaries.

These are not difficult goals to achieve, follow me to Victory!

Hampton H. Hampton
Candidate for Party President
Endoursed by WhyDoIBother and the eSaudi Elite Forces



Candor Day 1,820, 17:15

Voted, good luck! (and don't promise ponies, they're over rated I discovered).

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,821, 19:27

For a Communist Saudi Arabia! That is awesome.

hazem95 Day 1,837, 07:00


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