May's Government

Day 1,263, 07:42 Published in Norway Norway by Yan Hoek

Wow! Just wow!

I think we all thought we were going to get another PTO president - at least for a few days. But Admin stepped in a stripped some votes (sometimes they do do their job! And hey, I lost a few too) and we had a proper democratic election.

So first I would like to say: 'Muahahahaaaaahhh... You Fools!' (Sorry, I had to) (See TeKken's last article).

Secondly I would like to say: Thank you Smoeller for keeping Norway safe and secure during your term. Hopefully I, and the government can continue the good work. Also I would like to thank the other candidates (apart from Ghost...), because normally eNorwegian politics is 1 good candidate against the PTO. It is nice to have actual democracy for once.

Ok, down to business

I would like to announce my cabinet:

Vice-President: Scorpicus

Minster of Finance: Fredrikz

Minister of Defense: Taulen

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Frederick Jaqcue Paul

Vice-Minster of Foreign Affairs: Blue Cehpalopod

Minister of Immigration: Sir Greggory Groda

Vice-Minister of Immigration: Ola Normainn

Minister of Home Security: Well, we're still looking for a good candidate for this one!

Minister of PR: MikeBane

I also would like many newbies out there to help out. We have many vice-minister and foreign country ambassador posts to fill. You guys and girls are the future of Norway, getting you involved in government makes us stronger!

And just to show I am extra serious about this, I am donating my 5G reward to The Bank of Norway. I could have spent it on half a grain company but I won't. It won't get us a new MPP or pay a mercenary to tank for us (that's worth about 2 seconds of Romper's time), but it is a small gesture.

Once again, thank you Norway!