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Day 1,368, 08:05 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Department of Retention
Day 1,368 of the New World
19 August 2011
There is really only one thing left in this game that makes any sense.

Want to guess what it is?
Yep. eRepublik is a card game. Ever play War? You get a bunch of cards and the other guy gets a bunch of cards and whomever has the higher cards wins.

It's ok. It's not Texas Hold'em or anything, but it passes the time.

There is one difference, however, that makes eRepublik even better than a deck of cards and a game of War. You can buy Aces. Or if you aren't in such a big hurry you can build some too.
That's really all it amounts to. Companies, Monetary Markets, ultimately even Newspapers... they are all about getting Gold and boosting your military strength and rank faster and higher than your opponent. That's what Admin wants. That's what we've got.
No biggie, we're still all playing, so it must not suck too badly.
However, this is why it is absolutely eMANDATORY that you get your eAss into an eMilitary eUnit ASAeP.

Perhaps you think it is fashionable to go it alone. Maybe you have dreams of becoming a big corporate tycoon. And what will you be manufacturing? Ammunition. That's what food is. And that's what Guns are. (Ironically, food is better ammunition than guns are in this game!). Even the old Houses, Moving Tickets, Hospitals, Defense Systems, and Gifts (yes, you used to be able to mine Diamonds to make Gifts) they all served one purpose. Fight more.
Or maybe you want to be a Politician? Great. It's fun. You get to debate how to divide the National Budget among the Military Units. Really that's about it.
Be a Newspaper Publisher you say? Great. It's definitely the most creative fun you can have in this game. But look around. Except for a handful of big newspapers or the occasional "Home Run" article, you'll collect your 26 votes, your article will disappear in two days, and you can do it all again. Oh, and all in search of that eluse 5 Gold prize for hitting 1,000 subscribers (which is BY FAR the most difficult award to achieve in this game and ought to be worth 100 Gold not 5).

An what will you spend your 5G on when you earn it?
Think about it. This game centers around ONE THING:

There are two ways to Maximize Battle Influence.

1: Credit Card.

2: Join a Military.

I joined the USAF. Why? Because it is our Government's military. I like that. They receive the best funding, their leadership is held accountable to the President, his/her Chief of Staff, and the Department of Defense. I like knowing that High Command will change as our Leadership sees fit. All in all, the USAF is the most reliable commitment I can make with my eRepublik life.

Prior to joining USAF I was in a Militia called Easy Company. I joined Easy Company because I did not want to deal with a bunch of Military Rules and Regulations. I am not fond of IRC and Easy Company allowed me to receive my supply without mandating IRC. I knew that I was not getting as many tanks as I would have been given elsewhere, but the payoff was that I had the freedom to be an eRepublik recluse, yet still MAXIMIZE my BATTLE INFLUENCE. I love you, EZCo.

UltraMarines used to be an independent Militia but wisely merged with the USAF making them one of the fiercest fighting units in the country. They deal MAXIMUM BATTLE INFLUENCE.

Training Corps is another great place to get started. TC can get you acclimated to the realities of the Battle Module of eRepublik, will familiarize you with the ins and outs of IRC, and will equip you with a decent supply of weapons and food so that you can MAXIMIZE your BATTLE INFLUENCE.

If you are already familiar with all of that (and are somehow still not in a Military Unit), then one of the other Militias are a better choice for you. Here is a listing of the Military Units I respect and have no qualms about recommending to you in order to MAXIMIZE your BATTLE INFLUENCE:

Seal Team 6 is way cool. Rub shoulders with some of eRepublik's most respected Citizens. And MAXIMIZE BATTLE INFLUENCE while you are at it.

National Guard is a very good place to go if you want to get your feet wet. The people are cool and they will help you MAXIMIZE your BATTLE INFLUENCE.

The Mobile Infantry is fun. You will be sent overseas in support of the geopolitical interests of the eUSA, and you will MAXIMIZE your BATTLE INFLUENCE while you are at it.

If you already smack up more than 450 strength and are ranked above LT Colonel, the US Army is for you. Be a "Grunt" and MAXIMIZE BATTLE INFLUENCE.

Airborne is an elite mobile squadron of heavy hitters eager to MAXIMIZE BATTLE INFLUENCE.

This is the Marines. They are the few, they are the proud, and they totally MAXIMIZE BATTLE INFLUENCE.

This is Bad Company. Shrouded in mystery, but MAXIMIZing BATTLE INFLUENCE, they can always be found on the most storied battlefields of eUSA.

Bear Cavalry is a highly independent Military Unit who MAXIMIZEs BATTLE INFLUENCE against Imperialism everywhere.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Owls deal MAXIMUM BATTLE INFLUENCE. And they're p cool panpalar too.
Still not convinced? Let's put it this way: Half of every tax dollar you spend is buying tanks for the USAF. Another quarter of every tax dollar is spent supplying one of the militias. In other words, you are buying these guns, you might as well fire them.

There is a Military Unit for everyone.

Don't waste your Fight Clicks. Join a Military Unit. And

If you are interested in joining the elite fighting force against ONE,
CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION, It will be handled promptly. USAF Special Forces - PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE.
16 Shells endorses:
The National Broadcast System
Department of Defense Orders
The Congressional Record in the Flaming Press.
Halls of Montezuma
You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking

LT Gnilraps, USAF Special Forces Alpha Company 1st Platoon.


Gnilraps Day 1,368, 08:23

All right everyone, SOUND OFF!!!

ct_gabriel Day 1,368, 08:25

Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito
Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito Day 1,368, 08:26

djopa II
djopa II Day 1,368, 08:27

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,368, 08:37

Fitisin Day 1,368, 08:38

Voted, Guard!

code0011 Day 1,368, 08:41

Voted, AB!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,368, 08:41


Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,368, 08:43

Special Forces o7

B3orn Day 1,368, 08:53


shadowukcs Day 1,368, 08:55

Where are the ultramarines in your article? 3rd strongest branch in eUSA and you forgot them

Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 1,368, 08:57

dman326 Day 1,368, 09:01

UM is a branch of the USAF

... Platypus, USAF o7

Auggustus Day 1,368, 09:14

Special Forces o7

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,368, 09:46


Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,368, 09:47

Seals o7

Project Psion
Project Psion Day 1,368, 09:56

Voted MI!

twneikam Day 1,368, 10:01

Great article!

shiloh13 Day 1,368, 10:03


Scott1 Day 1,368, 10:10

FINE! Bastard... applied to MI.

Gnilraps Day 1,368, 10:23

Added UM

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,368, 10:25

Voted. Everyone should be in some sort of MU. Not only to maximize influence, but it's the only thing in this game that's mildly interesting.

SMF93 Day 1,368, 10:32

sjohnfsdsxzzx Day 1,368, 10:38


Myst Forever
Myst Forever Day 1,368, 10:40


Roo Rocket
Roo Rocket Day 1,368, 10:42

Voted, TC

Mr. Peanuts
Mr. Peanuts Day 1,368, 10:45

Voted, Guard!

Komari Day 1,368, 11:11

Voted, TC

Animis Day 1,368, 11:18

SF - Prestige Worldwide = Max. Battle Influence.... I need a mouse finger splint!

Patrick Gottlieb
Patrick Gottlieb Day 1,368, 11:28

Voted, TC

epix Day 1,368, 11:58

Special Forces o7


ollizu Day 1,368, 12:00

Ohai, voted and subbed o7

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,368, 12:06


sirmark17 Day 1,368, 12:06

Voted TC.

Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,368, 12:41

Voted USNG o7

A.3.G.I.S Day 1,368, 12:47

Voted UM !!

sansae2 Day 1,368, 12:50

Credit Card

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,368, 13:05

Bear Cavalry, now and forever! Ursa Fi!

Norbengo Day 1,368, 13:21

Voted, best thing I've read in a while

TurtleShroom Day 1,368, 13:27

I loved it. Great article.

North Korea has two Military Units. I reccomend: .

Gnilraps Day 1,368, 14:04

Bear Cavalry Added.

TTi09 Day 1,368, 14:06


Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,368, 14:52

s956 😃

Just smile back
Just smile back Day 1,368, 16:32

o7 !

SahMat4Mutari Day 1,368, 16:41

subscribed and voted:)

realevo Day 1,368, 17:19

VS,help you get MM

El senior de los  cielos
El senior de los cielos Day 1,368, 17:48

Voted 145 and subscribed 997

Oblige Day 1,368, 18:04


General Cornrow Wallace
General Cornrow Wallace Day 1,368, 19:04

ST6 > All.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,368, 19:22


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