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Day 2,472, 05:35 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Lanthanide

The results are in! Here are the final standings:

IN THIRD PLACE, with a score of 6 points with three passes, and winning 150 pounds, is Ayame Crocodile!

IN SECOND PLACE, with a score of 6.5 points with zero passes, and winning 400 pounds, is Madelina de Melrose!

AND IN FIRST PLACE, with a score of 8 points with zero passes, and winning the grand prize of 1200 pounds IS...


He wins 1200 pounds! Congratulations!

Come back soon for another edition of MASTERMIND in October!


Madelina de Melrose
Madelina de Melrose Day 2,472, 11:06

Winnings donated to eBrit University - and thanks!

Lanthanide Day 2,474, 06:24

Of course! MASTERMIND Swiss Edition will be coming to you in October (if you're subscribed to my paper).

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