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Day 2,471, 11:37 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Lanthanide

First to face the spotlight is Ayame Crocodile.
Next in the chair is Madelina de Melrose.
Last to be interrogated is Dr Kawashiwi.

Good evening, and welcome to our MASTERMIND final. These three contenders have made it through quarterfinals and semifinals and are now competing for the grand prize of 1200 pounds and the title of Britain's MASTERMIND. I will ask the same set of 10 general knowledge questions to the three contenders, and whoever receives the most points will win the competition.

3rd Place: 150 CC
2nd Place: 400 CC
1st Place: 1200 CC and MASTERMIND title

Our next article will come when all three contenders have answered the set, or in 24 hours, whichever comes first.


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