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Market Update [Day 1845] Weapons Drop Steeply While Food Surges

Day 1,845, 12:09 Published in USA USA by Jetsmets

Hello readers and welcome the the latest and greatest issue of the eNY Times. Here you can find self-employment profits, profit per employee, gold cost, and and salary price. Today is Day 1845 and I went to the markets at 11:35. Yesterday weapons received a slight boost but today they practically fell off of a cliff. Now onto the report.

For a very long time it was not profitable to turn FRM into food for Q1-Q4 companies, but now it is once again profitable with prices doubling over the last 2 weeks and FRM prices dropping down from $0.03 to $0.02. If you have a Q5, Q6, or Q7 Food Factory you will also make money per employee so start hiring now.

Conversely, Weapons have dropped by an average of 14.28% over the last 2 weeks while WRM prices stayed the same. Now, Q1-Q4 Factories are all not profitable and Q5 is barely scraping by. I would not recommend producing Q5 weapons due to price fluctuations at time of sale which will most likely result in a profit loss. Selling the 800 WRM is a safer bet. No Weapons Company will make money off of employees.

Gold prices have been very stable lately, not changing by more than $10/day since Day 1827. Salary has been dropping steadily for about a week now, but may increase with the way Food Companies are becoming more and more profitable. That's all for now. Check back soon for another Market Update.



OneTakeTony Day 1,846, 07:43

Wow, excellent article! Love it.

iP5ych0 Day 1,846, 14:06

I love these articles. Very informative, nice looking graphs, overall good product.

Jetsmets Day 1,846, 14:56

Thanks for the comments guys.

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