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Market Update [Day 1825] Is Cerb Really War?

Day 1,825, 18:20 Published in USA USA by Jetsmets

Hello readers and welcome the the latest and greatest issue of the eNY Times. Here you can find self-employment profits, profit per employee, gold and salary price. Today is Day 1825 and I went to the markets at 16:30. The market is still stagnant as our PotUS Cerb hasn't gotten in any wars yet. In fact, he hasn't done much of anything outside of creating the DHS. Anyway, here's the market report for today.

For food factories it is still only Q5, Q6, and Q7 Factories that make any money. No factories make any money by hiring employees, although Q6 and Q7 factories would have made profit from employees in the brief period where FRM was only $0.02.

The same Quality Factories that make money in Food will also make money in
Weapons. However, in Weapons a Q7 Factory owner will make $2.46 per employee. This should have lead to an increase in salary on Day 1823, the day WRM dropped from $0.08 to $0.07, but salaries actually decreased by $1.03 from Day 1822 to Day 1823. Is this an elitist plot to keep poor people poor, or just a coincidence where other world events kept salaries low?

Gold prices increased by $127.00 after the Admin's "Supply Pack" ended. This was good for Admins because it lined their pockets a little and made it harder to buy gold with in-game currency so expect something similar to happen in the future. That's all for now. Check back soon for another Market Update.



faucoult Day 1,826, 04:41


Sheppherd Day 1,826, 04:57

👍👍👍👍👍 Another great article. Keep 'em coming.

nkrsystem Day 1,826, 18:06

Good Article,this game is based in profit the admins dont care about players only about real money in there bank accounts.

James Mathison
James Mathison Day 1,826, 18:20

You have brilliance in your writing. You go in depth of e eUSA economy and more. You are a fantastic writer and I would like to compliment you on that. Fantastic and voted

Jetsmets Day 1,826, 20:27

Thanks for the compliments guys.

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