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Mapa Lottery 50x50

Day 1,910, 01:46 Published in Turkey Turkey by Otto Palavandishvili

First 50 Person who wrote what numbers want and donate 50 cc can join lottery

Who Knows First Number take 1250

Who Knows Second Number take 750

Who Knows Third Number take 500

Forth Number will take 1 Gold

donate first than write number when we complete 50 person randomly choosen number and screenshoot will be publish

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Otto Palavandishvili
Otto Palavandishvili Day 1,910, 01:47

Fakir Savar

Hudut Kartali
Hudut Kartali Day 1,910, 01:48

ikinç panpa xd

aslanozkan Day 1,910, 01:55

hem dağıtım yapıyorsun hem fakir savar yazıyorsun.

Otto Palavandishvili
Otto Palavandishvili Day 1,910, 01:58

prinç e yok ikinç le üçünçe gönderdim panpa raad ol 😃

metalikcry Day 1,911, 08:36

Hatun yakıyo hany

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