Many Thanks

Day 4,794, 21:46 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior
Aloha eCitizens!
Czar Thee Dude here with some end of the term plugs and thanks.
Never miss an opportunity to appreciate someone. And I don’t intend to.
First I want to give a BIG thumbs up to my Deputy Minister of Education, you all know his smiling face, PappasXXV! Thanks for all the hard work you do on behalf of the eAmerican Citizen and this Administration! Thanks for making that early morning Chicken Dividend Post! Way too early for me Bro! And thanks for helping me carry the weight. Mucho gracias amigo.
Next the man who’s coming with the straight Cash! He’s makin’ it rain on you every night! You know him. You love him! Let’s all give it up for Herr Vootsman!
Thank you for your continuing service and dedication to the eUSA! And I want to personally thank you for helping out this knucklehead. Thanks Voots!
And they, my dear peeps, are the guys who handle this…

Formally known as CARP (Citizens of America Rebate Program), then changed to CRAP (Currency Rebate for Americans Program), and now known the eWorld over as the Chicken Dividend!
As soon as ePOTUS Chickensguys got to the White Hen House, he moved unused taxpayer funds into the old underfunded CRAP and supercharged it! Tripling the budget and getting more CASH back into the pockets of our eCitizens!
More CASH, less CRAP.
And hey, remember ol’ ePOTUS when you’re counting those Dolla Bills ya’ll, and give him a thanks.

Speaking of the ePOTUS Chickensguys,
Thank you for letting me serve the eUSA by serving in your Cabinet. Thank you for your Leadership, Guidance, Advice, and Trust. Thank you to you and your Administration for privately funding my personal project Chicken Feed. Thank you for your service to this country and for so much more! You Rock!
Chief of Staff Wild Owl. Always there, ready to dispense direction and wisdom to those in need. A personal thank you for supporting me and being instrumental in launching Chicken Feed. Thanks Boss.
Thank you to the rest of the Cabinet for their advice, knowledge, debate, and comradery. Thanks Guys!
Thanks to all my friends who have supported me, encouraged me, and lifted my spirits from time to time. Love you guys!
Finally I want to say THANK YOU eUSA! This island of misfit toys makes this game worth playing!

Don’t forget to get your Chicken Dividend and your..