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Make Iron and Wine strong in congress!

Day 1,892, 07:42 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by james janeway

If you are member of Iron and Wine or not..
please vote for us in the comming election, so we get space to fight for your interests!

Iron and Wine is the party for the people. We want to bring your opinion - the opinion of the normal player - in congress.

I never was in congress before, but i promiss to become an active member!
If you have any suggestions ... please let me know!

We are all important!
And.. together we are strong!

James Janeway.



Viglius Day 1,892, 14:07

Good luck!

Kordak Day 1,892, 14:13

Succes rechtse havik haha

james janeway
james janeway Day 1,893, 23:22

Ha ha.. Ik ben zeker niet extreem rechts hoor.

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