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Loyalty and Honor

Day 1,721, 21:47 Published in Canada Canada by Kodyack

In the eWorld never have loyalty to a Country. A Country can be bought, its citizens rights sold, and its rights removed. Instead fight for friends, fight for honor, fight for liberty. Such causes cannot be corrupted by gold or money and will never betray you.

Something that has been happening for awhile has been bugging me, and that's the complete disregard our governments are showing their citizens in this game. Loyalties and treaties only seem to be in the interest of the almighty gold, and not for the interests of a nations citizens.

I call to act every citzen of the eWorld to choose who they elect carefully. In my time I have seen alliances crumble and fall, and right now I believe its about time some political parties to break apart as well. New ideas must be championed, corruption must die. Only then can we as a world prosper.


Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,722, 04:43

Very true.
When votes are bought and not earned, the system fails everyone.

Niko Snow
Niko Snow Day 1,722, 17:04

MacHall!!! :3

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,723, 00:16

What Ralph said. v & s.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,723, 19:35

In this country, I believe it's Honour (;

Plugson Day 1,723, 20:09

I like to leave out lofty and emotional/idealized words like "loyalty" and "rights" and "honor" and "liberty" and "corruption" and "betray"

Because while it appeals to the sensitive types or those who feel strongly about fairness in the game, it pushes away those who play the eRep as a resource management game.

So, it's useful explaining to people how selling votes detracts from the effectiveness of the team and how that ruins war/productivity bonuses. Good voting=better economy.

Plugson Day 1,723, 20:12

Or you could appeal the warrior-types by saying that a good government is one that supports MUs and is organized enough to get them good battles and proper funding. When a government says it is pro-military but fails in those aspects, then you know they grasp the battle module (ie. big damage and coordinated strikes) but don't know how to support it with the right game decisions that lead up to those battles.

Plugson Day 1,723, 20:13

Not saying that emotional/ethical, military, or economic approaches are better than the others, but are complementary if balanced just right. A little reference to each when arguing for something done better in-game will appeal to the most players at once.

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