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Day 1,922, 10:10 Published in Bolivia Bolivia by eHadi
Over three months
And we're still without Congress

We will not cooperate with any country
And other countries do not help us
We will always lose

Are you looking for a way to win?


soyproco Day 1,922, 10:19

Welcome to Bolivia

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,922, 11:02

BB Bolivia?

toshibaa6653d Day 1,922, 11:13


Brienne of Tarth
Brienne of Tarth Day 1,922, 11:30

You have it inside.

Brienne of Tarth
Brienne of Tarth Day 1,922, 11:31

Say thanks to Paraguay.

el pibe
el pibe Day 1,922, 12:17

Al menos aprende el idioma

GMichel Day 1,922, 15:14

This country is only for people brave enough to fight against all odds. We endure despite all adversities. The day will come of our victorius day. Until then, we will keep fighting and resisting.

BoliviaGrande Day 1,923, 06:04

SURE 100%

collinfigures Day 1,922, 17:33

Comment deleted

collinfigures Day 1,922, 17:35

I really agree.

collinfigures Day 1,922, 17:40

Comparto el sentimiento, pero no el cansancio de perder, sino el cansancio de que no entendamos como funciona el juego y de que no hagamos lo que tenemos que hacer.

DirGuc Day 1,922, 19:58

no somos debiles... solo ocultamos nuestra verdadera fuerza que es demasiado grande para este inocente eMundo

Angelo-_8 Day 1,923, 20:29

Mandale castellano ?

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