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Logic Puzzle Day 1994

Day 1,994, 00:16 Published in USA USA by Commius

Hola chicos, it’s Day 1994 and here’s the answer to yesterday’s puzzle.

tl;dr: 500 miles.

The official answer:

“The two missiles approach each other with a combined speeds of 30,000 miles per hour, or 500 miles per minute. By running the scene backward in time we see that one minute before the collision the missiles would have to be 500 miles apart.”

** A note from Commius ** I found this one rather quickly, one needs to focus on what is being asked: distanced is being sought and the info is given in velocity (distance over time) and the addition of both velocities and divided by 60 minutes gives distance per minute. Don’t get distracted by the starting point which is irrelevant.

A harder puzzle. Feel free to offer potential answers or ask questions/comment on this article. It would be a huge help if I can get some shouts for votes and new readers, because on Day 1995 we have another PRIZE EDITION! And please do not google the answers! This is intended to make you think and googling defeats the purpose of this...

The Returning Explorer

“An old riddle runs as follows. An explorer walks one mile due south, turns and walks one mile due east, turns again and walks one mile due north. He finds himself back where he started. He shoots a bear. What is the color of the bear? The time-honored answer is: ‘White,’ because the explorer must have started at the North Pole. But not long ago someone made the discovery that the North Pole was not the only starting point that satisfies the given conditions! Can you think of any other spot on the globe from which one could walk one mile south, a mile east, a mile north, and find himself back at his original location?

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Nirmal Baba Day 1,994, 00:20

Comment deleted

Aditi Bhattacharya
Aditi Bhattacharya Day 1,994, 00:26


Sergeant88 Day 1,994, 00:34

The equator 🙂

olivermellors Day 1,994, 14:35

i'm thinking a mountain peak for some reason

olivermellors Day 1,994, 15:01

I can make the mountain thing work, it involves falling and a hospital and an outcrop and it gets a bit complicated, but hmmmm neat. So besides answers that deal with the poles of the earth I've toyed with this a bit... walking on the deck of a ship... log rolling looked good and turned into walking on the surface of a freely rotating ball, all directional treadmill, walking on a completely frictionless surface etc... course all depends on what the judge allows as walking "due" south etc. Thanks for a moment of pleasant diversion.

Lee5790 Day 1,995, 11:04

It would be possible to do some distance north of the south pole. You would have to start in Antarctica, 1 mile above where the earth's circumference is 1 mile. Then walk south 1 mile to the 1 mile circumference, walk around the earth 1 mile, and then head north 1 mile to where you started. However I do not think there are any bears in the south pole. Perhaps he brought a bear to the south pole to shoot.

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