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Live From the Front in Dixie

Day 2,059, 21:13 Published in USA USA by DylanBAS

Live From the Front in Dixie!

Since day 2057, when I gallantly charged the Texas shoreline alongside my brothers and sisters in arms, things have changed. I have since lost many of my comrades in arms from the horrific wounds inflicted by Serbian mines and bunkers hidden throughout the city of Austin.

Things have also changed with America in general. Effective resistances, such as the one in Louisiana, have shown us that we can beat Serbia. We can avenge the fallen. We can work together despite any differences we have. We can prevail! I feel it my duty to recount the battle of the red stick,(as many are now calling it).

We came from the swamps after lying in wait for over 12 hours following our leaving Texas by water. As Paul Proteus radioed us his final regards, we waded into what was the city of New Orleans and we’re shocked by what lay before us. We crept tentatively among the rubble of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and searched for sobered survivors in the surrounding row of taverns.

At that point, D1 soldiers ahead of us started radioing in saying that they had encountered some light resistance from serbian forces holed up in buildings along the waterfront. Around 10 minutes later, aerial support told us that serbian units had outflanked D1 forces and were headed our way. We dug in around the south side of the city and suddenly, I cried out as a bullet struck my left arm. I fired wildly as serbian guerrilla teams swarmed from the crumbling buildings. crawling back behind cover, my Commander, Haselrig, lobbed a grenade to cover me while a medic dug a small ammo round out of my forearm. The bullet had missed my radial artery by half an inch. As I resumed fighting through the streets, I witnessed some of the greatest acts of valor in my military career. Before my eyes, Wild Owl charged a serbian tank and crawled down the hatch. After about a minute, we were sure he had been killed, and so we headed east, hoping to avenge the man who had nearly turned the battle around. Then a giant Mof***ing tank rolled down the street! It stopped, and we instantly opened fire on it, only to discover Wild Owl poking his head out.

It was just then that a serbian paratrooper regiment drifted out of the clouds, apparently they had been buffeted by winds coming off the coast. From then it was a blur, I gasped as a bullet slammed into my right shoulder and I am told that blood had poured into my lung. I heard cries as I fell unconscious and the next time I woke up I was in a field hospital set up in the outskirts of the city. I am told that it has been over 24 hours since my injury. I was in surgery for over 15 of those hours.Thank Dio for the damn doctors!

This is where I currently reside, resting up as my wounds heal. I was told by TimbusReven that after I fell unconscious, they surrounded the paratroopers and took most of them prisoner. Speaking of that, I can hear a few men speaking serbian. I hope those men are grateful that we didn’t kill them and treated their wounds. Writing here is my only solace now between the pain of my wounds and the cries of battle that have only recently ended. Anyway, Timbus told me that after the paratroopers were taken prisoner, the soldiers secured the perimeter and set up camp for the night. Not knowing that in the night, the serbian soldiers would creep in and set up bombs attached to our equipment. When they woke up, they purified some water for coffee and all hell broke loose. Bombs obliterated the fence, and the few tanks and weapon stockpiles we had procured were blown sky high. Serbian soldiers swarmed into the camp and we were forced to take them on in a melee skirmish. I am told that my comrades DMV3 and ArtSBobo led the charge into the fray. The fighting that ensued was horrific.

In the end, brute force and the American Spirit won out, and the advance was stalled long enough for D3 and D4 forces to capture Baton Rouge and US forces to flank out the serbs. As the US flag was raised over New Orleans, the serbs gawked and dropped their weapons. WE WERE VICTORIOUS! By the evening, the remaining serb forces were wiped out and the city was ours. Further battles await, and hopefully, I will be back in action soon enough to join them.
This was live from the front- DylanBAS signing out now as it is time for me to get another shot of morphine. Ugh.



DylanBAS Day 2,059, 21:15

Please sign my arm cast.

Dauntless2000 Day 2,059, 22:11

Shoot buddy, glad you got out of that. Wish someone got on the radio and let us know you need a fire mission.


crashthompson. Day 2,060, 08:41

Good story line.

Makes the war more fun to hear individual stories.

Geronimo100 Day 2,060, 08:52

woo hoo

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,060, 10:36


GaiusGuy Day 2,060, 11:29

signed with a flourish

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