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Liberal Conservative Party of the Philippines(LCPP)

Day 1,962, 23:37 Published in Philippines Indonesia by Kuruya Ignati

After not being active for a couple of months I decided to play eRep. I noticed that ePhil. is again under the hands of foreign races, but that's not what I want to talk about. After observing the notable changes in the game I quickly joined a military unit and a political party. The main reason why I joined a party randomly because I wanted to run for congress but I quickly remembered that we have no regions so I decided to leave the party. Now I am writing this article mainly because I want to receive help because I want to form a new political party. I want to form a party because there isn't any party that is aligned with my political views. If I have a chance to form a party it will be a libertarian conservative party which will focus on the following:
- freedom of the people
- cease vote buying
- equality
- an open government
- improvement in the country's economy
- providing guides for the following:
- jobs
- company building
- training
- upgrading buildings
- military campaigns
- guerrilla fight
- marketplace
- buy & sell
- monetary market
- elections
- culture
- education

Donations can be sent to me I myself will be using all of the gold that I have(7.95). Creating a party requires 40 gold which means that I will be delighted if all of those interested to join in the future donate at least 1 gold. I will only be accepting more that 1 gold if it happens that we don't meet the amount before the beginning of the campaign period for the presidential election at May.



Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,963, 06:59

Why must we be divided in many parties while we are facing our potential fall. We should not create more parties just to accommodate someone's ideology. We should lessen the current parties so we could wipe out the take-over we may face.

And why Liberal Conservative Party of the Philippines? You're Liberal and Conservative at the same time. Doesn't that contradict?

kb1992 Day 1,963, 07:27

Liberal conservatism exists 🙂

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,963, 07:37

Ok...(aw!) but I still stick to my first point.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,963, 10:05

I agree, having more political parties just makes us more vulnerable to PTOs.
On the liberal conservatism, I'm not actually sure how you're gonna implement that in the game.
And reading the focuses (focii?) of your party, I think that some parties already work on those. (RSP and KMP, for example, although of different orientations)

Makedonec 1992
Makedonec 1992 Day 1,963, 10:13

Well tell that to Al Raposas who thinks only about himself.When he needed the votes last elections we all voted for him and now when i proposed Kristijanmkd93 he messaged me "Why didn't you propose me for CP" without even letting me now earlier that he wanted to be a CP.Mistakes like that will cost the Philippines pretty much.

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,963, 12:21

@Makedonec1992 I did not divide the anti-PTO movement, and so far in the results, it seems that it is you who divided us and must be obliged to go under my banner: Don't give me conditional help. I believe that you support me by both heart and mind, not only because you wanted tohave my vote the next elections.
@Kuruya Ignati Why not conservative liberalism? XDDD

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,963, 20:51

I don't think the number of votes dictate who divided the anti-PTO.
Honestly, it was Kristijanmkd93 who first made it known his plans to run for CP, which is why KMP supported him, although we want to support the both of you.

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,966, 20:20

But what we must take note is unity under a greater power. It doesn't necessarily mean that if you are first, then you are the alpha candidate

kmm225 Day 1,964, 16:03

For this three months you guys made mistake, mistake, mistake and mistake.
So, you will get smarter or after every elections will be "cry me a river" song. It is yours choise...

kmm225 Day 1,964, 16:10

@Makedonec1992 и Kristijanmkd93 дали можеме да се договориме некако, што било било, наши сме. Ама потенцирам дека ова е мое мислење, за официјален став сепак контактирајте го деатхллесс

П.С. Прашање, што бидна со Дестроер - се откажа?

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