Levél a semleges országoknak / Letter to NEUTRAL countries

Day 6,043, 02:27 Published in Hungary Hungary by WasssDorong

Pálinkás jó napot mindenkinek,

Az alábbi levelet írtam jópár semleges ország vezetőjének...a válaszokat NEVTELENUL (vagy névvel) a cikk FRISSITESEBEN megosztom veletek🙂


1.We left CODE alliance in april and we want to be a NEUTRAL country WHITOUT REAL conflict with any other countries.

2.We need to find few new TW partners (+tuesday epik partners) because we have lot of real players (=lot of damage)...we need to open 10+ TW to can manage our damage...till we had real battles its np controlling our damage but in near future we want to close all real battles...

3.Are you able to fly in HUN core and open a TW with us...or inverted we can also fly in your core and open TW with you...it doesn't matter to us any option is suitable

Give me a feedback pls with your point of view regarding this.
Thx in advance...

WD CP of eHungary


"Hi there! How is it going?

Thats good and interesting to hear mate. Let me talk to our people. I'll let you know as soon as posible.

We keep in touch,
Kind regards"

Itt még lesz folytatás...

Do you have a NAP with Asteria? Because recently Turkey flew to your regions but they had to leave after. Also we flew to Albania but turned out they don't have a NAP with Asteria. Also please inform us about the taxes refund; how much would it be per day?

Thanks in advance

Nem nappolgatunk, megprobáljuk az IGAZI semlegességet, nem az ASTERIA semlegességet, uh itt rövidebb lesz a beszélgetés...

Thank you for contacting us
We have to discuss your offer. I'll return to you shortly

itt szintén folytatás következik

Hello, thanks for your communication let me talk with few members of my government and I will let you know our answer



Thanks for your msg.
Currently Egypt is not interesting for more tw.
If that change i will let you know.

Best regards


Egyimptommal nem lesz TW

Hello WasssDorong,

I must say that I am thankful for your message and you reaching out to us in order to enlarge number of neutral countries in your new path to neutrality yourself.

I forwarded this message to rest of our Government but to be honest I am pretty sure we won't be able to help you at this moment because we are on our way to do totally opposite side of you. We are going to lower our number of TWs in the following days and therefore we are not really interested in any new TWs anywhere around the world.

I hope you will success on your new path and wish you a good luck with that.

Sorry I didn't respond earlier but had some other things to do.

Itt TW leépítés lesz, mert kevés játékosuk van uh jó eséllyel rovidre zarjuk itt a beszelgetest.


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing Hungary's new direction and goals. We appreciate your consideration of... as a potential partner for TW.
However, at this moment.... is not looking to add more tw. Our current resources do not allow for expansions.
We wish HUN all the best in its endeavors. We hope to keep the channels of communication open for any future collaborations.
Thank you once again for your kind offer.

Kind regards

Ok sem nyitanak új TWt...