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Lets keep gameplay inside of the game

Day 1,891, 15:11 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan

Currently a discussion is running between the current congress members of eBe. It's an interesting discussion and the outcome could mean real change for our country. We are on the verge of becoming a true free nation.

Currently legislation is bound by a bureaucratic regime that has its homebase at the controversial "official eBe forum".

While this "official" eBe forum has no affiliation with eRepublik what so ever and has been the source of most (if not all) fighting between eBe citizens some (those who run it or use it for personal gain) keep telling us it is absolutely necessary. But why? Today someone made the argument that congress discussions and votes can't be archived in game. Why not? Even if we do it through pm, if they see the need for an archive they can still copy/paste it and save it on their forum.

I see also no problems that they use their forum for roleplaying. But clearly real in game decisions (like budget/war/information) should happen in game. If some choose to make a sub community I have no problem with that. But currently those who do not choose to use their sub community are not seen as equal citizens.

Lets stop the bureaucracy! Every eBe citizen's voice should count equally whether they are a member of an outside forum or not. Every eBe congress member should have equal rights and not loose decision rights because they choose not to take part of a sub community.

Bring the game back inside!
Vote HOPE and help us bring justice and fairness in eBe!



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,891, 22:17

stupid article is stupid.
With the forum and IRC there would be no community, these things are actually what brings the people together. eBE (or any other country) would suck without it.

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,891, 22:41

There were weekly congress reports some time ago, but nobody had the time to continue them.
So if you want to create transparency, start those articles again.

And like fhae says, without forum we would be a dead country.

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,891, 22:51

the same with e-greece, always personal gain

RooieLente Day 1,892, 23:33

I understand what you're saying, and I agree, be it that I think the game itself does not offer enough possibilities at this point to actually replace the forum. Should the game adopt features that allow it, then I'm all in favour.

I just don't see it happen at this point, due to the limited possibilities of the game itself.

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,892, 00:54

There should indeed be more bridging the two, with b.e. congress reports. But, like RooieLente said, replacement ain't possible yet.

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,892, 01:15

Me and those who voted for me are on the forum. I do not think there is any country that does not operate on a forum. You are a member of that forum, and one with some 2,000 posts. So you know the size of the forum ... is huge. Here, the game can not be so. Forum's is what makes the game bearable.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 1,892, 01:21

v9, shout

Kaad Day 1,892, 01:33

Another article to mean nothing...

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,892, 02:00


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,892, 02:41

You posted more than 2000 messages on this forum. Did it corrupt you?

ValdemarButor Day 1,892, 02:50

Let me tell u smth. Now sit down and listen

I'm from a dead country, where those noob people cannot into irc, forums, skype, etc. Moreover, there are those who insist on "destroying all elite chats" (lol)
What does it pour into?

Well. That country is still dead, despite real population is 6 times more than eBelgium's; power belongs to few organized people (oh, wait, I'm among them) and there is no hope anything massively interesting will come out of this.

Is this a hope you want for Belgium? I hope you don't.
When I've been to here, I was astonished by out-game community level, considering the low population count. Despite well-known languages issue, I haven't met any sign of this here. In my country of origin they've been deciding for the last 5 month on it, and still in process.

Problems with the "officiality" of the forum? Nah come on, rename it.

All in all, keep being nice, Belgium.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,892, 05:15


David Cnudde
David Cnudde Day 1,892, 05:48

2 years already about the stupid forum!
and only benefits for them sounds really fair!!
and why you cant go to the forum with interruption of the game?

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,892, 10:53

I didn't say the forum should be removed. Whoever wants to can still use it. I only say forum activity shouldn't make you a better citizen and no forum activity shouldn't restrict congress members of making decisions.

Instead of spending hours on the forum wouldn't it be better if we would spend more time on writing articles? And gameplay proposals should be discussed and voted in game by way of pm. Like we are currently doing as Olv007 started. It seems it goes much faster and is more fair. It seems eBe is more ready for this change than some of you think..

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,892, 11:06

And as for my post count on the forum that should only show you that I know what I am talking about.. It isn't like this idea just arrived in the spur of the moment. It is well thought of and makes sense..

Ely.nea Day 1,892, 13:00

i hope that's the population can see all parties of the forum.

Jofroi Day 1,892, 13:02

Big advantage of a forum is that every citizen (who want to join) can participate to debates/decisions and not only a few restricted congress elected members. It actually allows to spread the information on a much easier basis and is much more transparent than in game pm.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,892, 13:11

F the forum stasi polizei!

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,892, 14:46

Jofroi: That is why I see no problem in archiving the debate on forum. And that congress members who feel a valid point is made on the forum by a citizen post it in the pms. I think this is something we should strongly think about. And looking at the votes it seems a lot of citizens feel the same..

JdlF Day 1,892, 14:59

Hello i want a better proposal than the one actually discussed on the CM mass pm.

Please reformulate clearly what you want and how you would handle CM, citizens (and so on), regarding the actual situation and keeping a community alive.

Because the big important point is: keeping a community alive.

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,892, 15:17

Well the proposal discussed on the CM mass pm wasn't ready yet. Jofroi brought it to a vote before it was actually discussed. What we have learned is that many CMs want a change of protocol. And that is a good start. I hope I will be around next term to improve the proposal or that someone will continue what I started..

Jeiry Day 1,892, 15:21

Keeping the community alive ?
I don't think that A Vegan talked about taking down the forum and its community-based functions. He wishes to allow all official game-plays (by congress members and so on) to be done on eRepublik itself, in order to let 100% of the players to be able to fully play the game. This article doesn't say that the forum must disappear and that its members must stop having fun on it. So it has nothing to do with "keeping the community alive", nobody wants to bring it down.

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,892, 15:43

Jeiry it will kill community, for example, I do not know you, only by your comments on some publications, for the rest you are a stranger, Maybe you are a nice bright player but I do not know cause we never discuss together, I only see an avatar that I (in my mind ) connect with that of Vincent an automatic you are a troublemaker for me while in reality you could be the guy with only an other view.
that is why we have a forum, to be closer, to respect the other his view, to discuss it, without that there is not an eBe just individual players with the same flag

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,892, 16:54

I think we should think about a model where the link between in-game and the forum is a lot better, with forum for deeper discussion and administration (and lulz, ofc), whilst the game is the center for opinion, voting and information (about those discussions). The integration would benefit eBe, I think.

Jofroi Day 1,892, 21:54

I didn't brought anything to vote...

lin0leum Day 1,893, 23:01

the mass cm PMs is the step back from direct democratic decision making.
public articles (+archieve them on the phorum, only as a backup) is more suitable option.

the main problem about erepbelgium phorum is that it's mostly court simulator with well established xenophobe archetype characters which crave for punishments and bans.

Jeiry Day 1,893, 00:39

Boer Jan : I have no particular link to Vincent. And you can learn a bit about me by looking on the forum at "Jery" (without the "i").

Actually, I just defend my own opinion in a complete independant way. eBelgium being divided in between different "factions", I will agree with one on some matters and some other time with another, not depending on political parties or on who talks, but just depending on my own taughts. For exemples, I don't share all the negative views towards the forum and the players who are forum admins. But on this very specific point, I just want to defend something that looks basic to me : it is not normal that players must be part of an external site to fully play all the aspects of the game ("fully" is the important word). If you go on the forum in order to know better the community players or increase your fun, it is normal. If you have to go there because it is the only way not to be impeach as elected President of the country in game, it is not normal at all. Such a external site must bring an added value which is facultative to the gameplay, not mandatory !

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,893, 01:50

@ Jeiry: "Such a external site must bring an added value which is facultative to the gameplay, not mandatory !". You have my vote for this.

Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 1,893, 10:21

The forum has better tools (pictures, quotes,...), no limit in lenght and everybody can read it

As citizen i want to keep the debate in the forum.
Few weeks ago, i could share my opinion.
How are we(the people) suppose to be heard ? With PM ?
You can't send a PM to all citizens.

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