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Lets go to War

Day 1,776, 16:56 Published in USA USA by Twon2012

Lets go to war! Simple to say simple to do and yet we don't do anything. I'm not saying start a global war and drag every country into it and go overboard. At the same time you would think that a game based on war, territories, and basically that kind of things (and to complete our missions) It will help the economy as well to go to war so lets go! We are too focused on stupid other things to realize that this game is slowly becoming boring because the eUSA has no point fighting. We got teased for a few days by having wars and we saw the power that we have behind us, so lets use it. All perks and few flaws sounds like a plan.

Lets go to war lets go to war lets go to war lets go to war lets go to war.
Sorry for the repetitiveness just a big issue, and I'm bored of course stacks of bazookas and bazooka boosters and no one to blow up!

Vote, shout, subscribe and all that fun stuff please!




Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Day 1,776, 17:00

Yesh, let's attack some of those useless other countries. They're stupid anyways :>

Dandart Day 1,776, 17:03

It's a game whats the point of treating it like its real life.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,777, 08:03


Tadasius Day 1,778, 11:14

to war!!!!!!!!!

Twon2012 Day 1,778, 14:30


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