Let's Have Fun and Build a more Active Population

Day 510, 05:47 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

Now everyone knows that the biggest problem we have in eAustralia is our population. So what can we do about it?

In my humble opinion the biggest thing we need to do is make it fun and keep people active. Now talking to the people that I deal with regularly is that in the beginning it is quite a boring game and I agree. You work , train and watch your wellness go down in the first few weeks and thats about all. In fact it is all over in about 5 minutes which is no fun at all, or so my ex girlfriends tell me.

How do we keep people active? We need to give them things to do! I have been giving some of the newbies jobs such as researching cheap products , finding articles and thinking of applications we could build to make our life easier. Also the other night Corny built a Logo for me so say thanks to him for the Stew's View new look.

People love to interact and giving these jobs to them has kept people very active in the game and kept them interested through the beginning phases of the game. I have also been investing in companies for people to start them and being a 50% owner but they activly run the companies. Again giving them a sense of ownership and keeps them interested.

So all you people with money just sitting in your bank accounts please adopt a Newbie and show them how to play and keep them interested.

To all those GM's with only people in their companies who are level 4 and above send them to some of the startup companies so people do not go bankrupt and leave the game and open some level 0 jobs so that people stay. I see hardly any Level 0 jobs get advertised at all.

Do these simple things and we will see a more active eAustralia and guess what that will bring in more people as word of mouth will start.

Items I need help on if anyone wants to volunteer:

1. I need to make a video for Promoting eAustralia.
2. I need to make a video for Promoting myself as a Candidate for Congress
3. I need a policy writer
4. I need a Exec Assistant to keep my filing in Order as my ideas are flowing all over my computer
5. I need a Marketing Person to work out the best way to attract more people into eAustralia
6. We have 100 positions available in Australia I need someone to work as a recruiter to find people overseas and tempt them back to fill these jobs.
7. I need an application developer to design and build some online apps for me to help manage my eRep Affairs.

"Let's Build a Smarter, Fairer eAustralia"

P.S If you share my views add me as a friend and vote for me in the upcoming Congress Elections.

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