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Let's liberate Sweden: Battle of Svealand

Day 1,906, 10:04 Published in Sweden Sweden by Veritas Aequitas
Time has come to liberate Sweden. We're starting with Svealand.

Join your brothers and sisters in the fight, now:

It looks like Poland has a lot going on right now.


JeguljaM Day 1,906, 10:13

Haha poland is losing atm!!

Start RW in netherlands and France to Drain

Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas Day 1,906, 12:14

With just over an hour into battle 2 we're losing big time in Division 1,2 and 3. The only one holding up is Division 4.

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,906, 15:00

Kukaken is fighting great he needs some assistance but their right we are really loosing division 1-3 and only had chance in div 4 cause of people tanking their asses of.

In this game numbers win over strength now a days

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