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Leaving this website, bye mouse fighters

Day 2,231, 12:31 Published in Japan Croatia by Lorenzo Anello

Hard to call this thing a game, so it's a website

This is boring. Same thing everyday, every week. Same weekly challenge, no creative missions. Buying gold for weapons and food. Maximum I did was about 110 million damage in a day which required shitloads of gold, and I see people hitting 800 million for BH nowadays, too big difference in strength so no point of playing this in this website anymore

* My Achievements in this game :

- None

* My Failures in this game :

- First in Erepublik to reach God of War with 5k strength. I gained nothing, just wasted so much gold.

I'm off to enjoy what I enjoy most in life.. white powder.. Have fun people



Citizen 6889657
Citizen 6889657 Day 2,231, 12:36

Good luck in real life o/

EsEs. Day 2,231, 12:37

Bye friend. Good luck in RLworld

F.11 Day 2,231, 13:06

Too bad we just met, but yeah, this game is dead 😕

My best wishes for you o/

uxiors Day 2,231, 13:06

"Hard to call this thing a game, so it's a website"
You are right, no doubt, many of us don't know why we still 'playing' this
Good luck

Lonthan Walker
Lonthan Walker Day 2,231, 18:40

Amen to that.
Good luck buddy

sto kila bazuki
sto kila bazuki Day 2,231, 13:15

Bye and good luck with RL

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,231, 13:50

Everything put beautifully into short article.
Pure perfection, v

Drakantas Day 2,231, 14:13

quien te conoce, boludo?

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 2,231, 20:11

This is indeed not a game, it is a money making machine.

Voidless Day 2,232, 08:53

good bye ^^

Eupasos Day 2,232, 09:10

Cocaine !

Zordacz Day 2,232, 10:16

farewell and good luck in real life

2.D.G Day 2,232, 10:28

Lame... First constantly saying how much you intend to help eJapan...
Received citizenship....
Quit the day after.

Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 2,232, 10:33

Smart move

HurtMeMore Day 2,232, 10:40

it's all about people. becoming GoW didn't made you better.

Aryzn Day 2,232, 11:24


Bolorg Brat Bole
Bolorg Brat Bole Day 2,232, 13:18

Good luck in RL

Eguchi Tappei
Eguchi Tappei Day 2,232, 14:42

Good luck in RL...

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,232, 19:37

Yes...Good luck in RL....

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