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Leaving the game. (Update)

Day 1,765, 13:32 Published in USA Ireland by Technician

Leaving the game (Update)

I will postpone leaving outright for now.
Many people said I would be sorry.... well maybe.
Many people said I should just back away ignore everything just 2-click.

So I will try just 2-clicking for awhile, see if in time I want to return.
The comments that I spent a lot of time and I may regret just burning all bridges maybe true.

This is still true

I am a God of War* what am I playing for to be a God of War** why?
I have over 26k strength, so where does it end 50k? 100k? why?

The battles are terrible?
Fight for Spain? Mexico? .... is that supposed to be fun?
The government does not seem to care are people that join the eRepublik to fight. The battles are boring and mean nothing to me.

The politics is terrible?
Get so tired of the same tired ideas month after month.
Get so tired of name calling and finger pointing.

So either today or tomorrow and will blow or give all the gold and weapons I have to the Marines.

I will lose my bookmark to the game and not return.
.....once upon a time I had fun but that was a long time ago.



fairgr Day 1,765, 13:34

V Good Luck

klop123 Day 1,765, 13:34

Sad to see you leave mate, take care in RL o/

Legolas555 Day 1,765, 13:34


The-Comedian Day 1,765, 13:35


Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,765, 13:35

good luck

thinking same thing

Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Day 1,765, 13:36


Oblige Day 1,765, 13:36


loordsteaua Day 1,765, 13:36

it is a sad day 🙁

I-G-D Day 1,765, 13:36

Good luck in RL.

ClioPilot Day 1,765, 13:37

Sad to see you leave mate, take care in RL o/ x2

RESPECT from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,765, 13:37

Today is a sad day for the USMC.

You were a premium citizen of the US and I wish you well in whatever you want to past time with next.

Galaad Blancas
Galaad Blancas Day 1,765, 13:37

Can you give me your account 😛

mikroastos Day 1,765, 13:38


Same situation here..

demetrios 3os
demetrios 3os Day 1,765, 13:38

v good luck in RL we have nice fights to remeber xD

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,765, 13:39

Good luck, but give the account to someone. Or go to 2click mode for 1 month.

Misho Day 1,765, 13:40

Same situation here, there is no content left in this game and hasn't been for a year know. Well we could reach lvl 100 and get elite. 😕

oboj Day 1,765, 13:41

Don't give up man!
Most of us are in the same situation but we hope for better. Switch to 2-click for a while. You never know what's next.

Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,765, 13:41

good to see you leaving dude u re doing the best thing. have fun in your real life:P

Spite313 Day 1,765, 13:41

No point playing this shit anymore, all the originality went out of it long ago, and admins seem determined to make it fail.

Kostas Fostiras
Kostas Fostiras Day 1,765, 13:41

consider few clicks for a while...
if not ..take care and be happy in your life


Atea Day 1,765, 13:42

Have fun whatever you do!

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,765, 13:42

You get elite and what? Just a pointless rank...

XENOFON knight of Bel Sten
XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Day 1,765, 13:42

well my friend i dont know you at all!
you have absolutely right for everything!
stay as two clicker until one day you will return with appetite for erep!
however if your decision for leaving is inevitable, cause i am helping new guys to develop their characters i would appreciate if you can give me some food or weapons from your stock!
good luck to your life!

DamianC88 Day 1,765, 13:42

Good luck the same of coder, play 2 clicks its not difficult and its great if you change your oponion or USA change his game 🙂

bye and good lucK!

pagalidis Day 1,765, 13:42

Good for you.

Smile, Have Fun in your life.

ishabad98 Day 1,765, 13:42

real is always better

Gorki61_istra Day 1,765, 13:42


semper fi


Sergeant Lincoln Osiris
Sergeant Lincoln Osiris Day 1,765, 13:43


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,765, 13:45

Your account is good. Either sell it or give it to someone. Other than that, gl in rl.


Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 1,765, 13:46

I must agree with you.. Share the same opinion about this game....

NO CARRIER Day 1,765, 13:47

Goodluck in the real life! : ))

RoterDrache Day 1,765, 13:48

Perfect for you. Good luck in RL.

googoodoll Day 1,765, 13:50

Good luck!
Just keep your account alive, you never know.

TheGreeneyed Day 1,765, 13:51

goood luck and take care bro o/

Belldandi Day 1,765, 14:01

so sorry to see this 🙁

Technician Day 1,765, 14:03

so sorry to see this .... me too if it was not the support and people I meet in the Marines I think I would of left long ago.


nimnul Day 1,765, 14:06

that's a sad day
anyway GL in RL

John Marsten
John Marsten Day 1,765, 14:07

eRep is a little colder and more drab as of right now good luck to you Tech in RL please stop by and say hello from time to time on IRC

ionutzd Day 1,765, 14:09

I know the feeling Technician. The game became boring and the only thing that still keeps me here is the comunity. You will sure miss your friends.

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,765, 14:10

damn plato, why did he destroy all the fun here.

so a lot of funny time here, but now it is reduced only to medal-hunting : (

no more fun in betting in money trading
no more brain for this "economic" module
now no more fun in congress elections

Krimpie Day 1,765, 14:11

Look in on us on irc from time to time Mr Techie

Sad to see you go


SmkD Day 1,765, 14:13

Come over to eMacedonia FIGHT for it and be happy!

ccc eMACEDONIA ccc


EFELL Day 1,765, 14:14

Good luck , take care and be happy in your life

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,765, 14:21

My last connection to the Metaverse. o7 Old friend.

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,765, 14:23

If i was you i would try to sell that account.

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Day 1,765, 14:29

my thoughts exactly.
see you on the other side...

Technician Day 1,765, 14:35

Ed the good old Metaverse 🙂

Twon2012 Day 1,765, 14:35

Starts here and then basically everyone will leave because its is true game is boring and old and I'm only level 26.

The Italian Dark Knight
The Italian Dark Knight Day 1,765, 14:36

Good luck for RL

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