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Leave Me Out Of IT

Day 1,837, 14:53 Published in USA USA by JamesCarthrage

I am a part of the AFA, this is true. But I am not a politician. I don't take part in the back and forth world of arguing, bashing, and trickery. I would like to be a simple citizen of eUSA. But that is not possible. Now, because of my affiliation with the AFA, I have a black mark beside my name.

It doesn't matter what party I support. Its my business why and who. I support in what I believe is right, and what needs to be done. Not what you think needs to be done and what you think is right. So, next time you sit down and see AFA or AMP or We The People beside someones name, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

I don't want your party's propaganda in my inbox. I don't want to now why I'm "not voting for eAmerica, but for the fall of eAmerica." Just leave me alone. I read other parties articles, listen to their views, and RESPECT THEM. But I don't send people messages telling them their wrong and is voting for them self.

Leave Me Out of your petty politics. Please.



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,837, 14:58


Unfortunately these bullies have nothing else to do.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,837, 15:06

Says the guy who tried bullying Bia into friending him on FB? Rich .... really rich. Hows about doing something useful RGR, like, I don't know, replying to Chutley ... because he's making you look like the yellow-bellied coward you are 😉

pop George
pop George Day 1,837, 15:24

v + s

AFA is being petty, challenging the rest of us, being an uninformed member of the AFA won't get you left out of it unfortunately, plenty of articles on the subject. Usually as a group we rarely agree on things, but we agree on Ajay your party's president. Do you have any idea how many accounts he has had banned for cheating?

JamesCarthrage Day 1,837, 15:56

Is you think the AFA is being petty, don't be like them and stoop down to their level.

pop George
pop George Day 1,837, 18:39

the saying you or is you ain't

learn what you talk about, the took my level from me, I am the opposition, they read my writing and stole every bit of it...I trolled everyone and now they use it for themselves, just common thieves that don't even bother giving credit..

like your stealing the American flag without learning how to properly bastardize the language...if you are going to troll, learn how to first.

JamesCarthrage Day 1,837, 20:09

Mr. pop George, you can clearly see I miss typed. I did not "steal the American flag" my friend. It is a citizens flag and is free for use. I do know how to use our great language. From middle English to modern English. You don't know how to clearly state your point, or idea. I have no idea what you are talking about. What credit? What thieves? I don't "troll". I was simply responding. Please don't be so quick to attack. Thank you for reading my article good sir.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,838, 07:13


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