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Leaflet to Estonians

Day 1,562, 12:20 Published in Finland Finland by Kendo Yana r
To our glorious eEstonian brothers!

Drop your arms and join into a union of Baltic Finns! The truth is that you can't win this war! Our troops outnumber yours so many times that when we have annexed all your provinces, you can't achieve a full independence anymore.

Let's create a union where everyone are equal and happy! Turn your arms against the elites of eEstonia who will make Your nation, the real Estonians, suffer from the crimes of elites! We will help you to achieve freedom from ONE and ABC!
We didn't want a war but once again Finns and Estonians are forced to take their rifles and protect their freedom and democracy from an enormous threat of elite's dictatorship!

If you still want to put forth your useless resistance, fill your bottles with the water of gulf of Finland because you won't see that gulf anymore again!

Long live Baltic-Finnic people!

Don't worry Estonians.. We will help you on the battle against the dictatorship of ABC and ONE!


Hermanni Heinaekenkae
Hermanni Heinaekenkae Day 1,562, 13:21

Niin hyvää propagandaa.

zRTx Day 1,562, 15:25

ruotsinkielistä propagandaa.

niin fail.

Margooni Day 1,562, 22:36

Hyvää propaganda... NOT

Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 1,563, 01:57

Kuva häiritsee minua.

KenZksK Day 1,563, 04:57

hahahhaha, silly porro

Antti Sarjanen
Antti Sarjanen Day 1,563, 05:56

Niin hyvää neuvostoliittoa

Kendo Yana r
Kendo Yana r Day 1,563, 06:05

kukaan ei huomannut että wanha. hahahaha 😃

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Day 1,945, 06:57


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