Late Christmas wish

Day 4,058, 02:55 Published in Romania Romania by googoodoll

Last Christmas I gave you my strength

It’s a bit late for a letter to Santa, but you know how it is sometimes, maybe more often than we want to admit, we don’t know what we really wish.

So I decided to write to eSanta because he, accidentally or incidentally, or perhaps even on purpose, gave us the best present for this Christmas: the opportunity to give. Gifts make people happy, we can see that all over eRepublik, but I’m not talking about candies, which I heard values between 2000 cc to over 8000, depending on who evaluate the item. I am talking about the strength exchange. This seems to me the most interesting gift from Santa (Plato). It brings happiness to both giver and receiver and it might chase down the boredom from many players eLife.

If you agree with me, and I hope you do, please help me make sure this letter will reach Santa’s soul (I heard he has one: D). You can help by writing the same letter in your papers.

P.S. I wish you all (and Santa 🙂! ) a very very very happy New Year!