Last Nights Battles

Day 1,024, 03:48 Published in Bulgaria China by Donnie Bronco

Last Night, two regions were RW’d back into the hands of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This came as a blow to Phoenix, after Bulgaria had funded swaps to allow them to occupy these regions, including a high grain region.

Several battles opened, including attacks from Romania on original regions, and the resistance wars. Phoenix alerted its member states as to the situation, and in the closing hours of the battles fought long and hard in the name of Bulgaria.

As you can see from the battle statistics Phoenix were there in force.

However with the launching of new modules, there are always creases that need to be ironed out, and unfortunately we lost BiH. To put it simply, we hadn’t prepared enough gold to counter attack the boosters EDEN deployed against us.

So times the amount of Gold EDEN has for these battles doesn’t add up.

Whats important after these battles, is that Phoenix stands by, and will always support Bulgaria. What is a loss for Bulgaria is also a loss for Phoenix, and next time, EDEN won’t be so lucky.

Be assured that changes are being made to current systems to allow us to adapt to V2, and develop an efficient well funded alliance.


Secretary Generals of Phoenix;
Mr Woldy