Lana's last stand

Day 2,175, 11:53 Published in Romania Thailand by tasos maximous

There was a time when I was young…

Like all kids I was rebellious and my father used to tell me stories in order to scare me and go to sleep. I am going to tell you one of them.

It was long time ago before the age of humans. This world was inhabited by many creatures some of them good and some of them bad… They all lived in harmony and there was balance because of the “ban hammer” the mythical weapon that used by their priests which they are known as “the administrators”, this mighty weapon was forged by the gods in the mountains of Transylvania also known as "adminlandia"

These administrators where untouchable they did what ever they wanted in order to keep this so called balance between the different races and between clans. The most ruthless of them was Plato. He was the leader and everybody where afraid of him. He was killing citizens everyday just because he thought that they where guilty. Those who where not killed by the “ban hammer” where marked in the forehead and forced to live with a huge dept for the rest of their life.

But there was a brave girl that one day said enough is enough I won’t obey to you anymore, I want my freedom I wasn’t my free will back her name was Lana. She was a vicious fighter both in hand to hand combat and in weapons. She was in possession of a great weapon the “magic card” the only thing that administrators where afraid. She started training others but not for free these people where signing contracts. The contract was simple “you own me 10 administrator heads”. In her army had joined human’s elves, dragons, sentinels and the race of clones. Because of the clones they where grown in numbers day by day.

Finally the day for liberation from the administrators had come. The clone army was ready Lana had completed her train and everything was ready for the big fight. The first wave was the division 1 mostly clones where there the fight was epic but the clones where weak and got banned by the administrators. The second wave was made sentinels they where better trained but they where weak and they lost… The 3rd wave was division 3 and in this division where made by dragons they fought bravely but most of them where killed by the administrators. The forth wave leaded by Lana was the best one elves where in this division better equipped because they had huge vaults of gold used to buy better weapons and armor. This was an epic fight like no other before in history of warfare. Administrators had a hard time they couldn’t easily use the “ban hammer” to the wealthy elves. Eventually administrators started to fight back banning one person at a time and only Lana where standing against them. Lana threaten that she will destroy the magic card she had in order to kill everything the administrators had build all these years and then it happened Plato used all of his evil power and transformed Lana into a headless chicken.

From now on she was cursed to live the rest of her life without been able to talk or to act. Plato took her “magic card” and started using it for his own evil purpose. Since then every citizen of adminlandia lives by Plato’s rules and he is forced to pay him every month 10 kilos of gold…

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