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Kitarou goes CP!

Day 2,204, 07:31 Published in Japan Denmark by Kitarou
Citizens of eJapan!

In these times of Christmas and joy, I have decided to run for Country President of eJapan. After having served for two terms as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I managed to formulate a vision of my own which I believe will make eJapan a better place for all of its citizens.

For me the month of November was the most active of times in terms of my role in the eJapanese government and politics. I filled the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in a cabinet consisting of colleagues (I won't be singling out people) whom weren't all as active as one expect for them to be as they held their positions within the cabinet. I was tasked with setting up and undergoing negotiations with the Taiwanese to have our regions returned to us, so that we could establish congress and once again return on the eRepublik map.

The results were as we had all hoped for:

• We established congress for the month of November.
• We established a friendly relationship with the nation of eChina, whom in return gave back two regions which had they held for some time. Our Minister of Defense JetiShumadinac is to thank for his role in the liberation of these regions.
• We managed to regain a few of our core regions - although only for a short time.

Setting that aside, I'd like to move on to present my manifesto in which I would like to present my plans as candidate for presidency in the month of December.

As we may have all experienced, our previous governments were lacking in terms of publishing information in the media of what was happening in the nation of eJapan. As I feel this is a huge issue, I have decided that I will be appointing a Minister of Communications who's task revolves all around providing information from the government so that we may provide more transparency to the eJapanese citizens.

Foreign Affairs
It is of great importance for the progress of our nation that we continue to work on establishing friendly relations with the nations around us. I feel it is important that we strive to involve ourselves more in Foreign Affairs so that we may also have influence outside of our borders. An ideal situation would be to establish a formal alliance between the Asian countries.

For too long have we been in the "What happens in eJapan, stays in eJapan" social bubble. We have little to no influence on any Foreign Affairs, which is something that should be changed. A good example of this would be our time in the alliance of 'Circle of Trust', in which for the longest of times we had little to say. For the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this will be a very busy month indeed!

As for the current situation with the Taiwanese, we hope to restart negotiations with a fresh government on both sides as we had reached a stalemate in negotiations. Long-lasting negotiations eventually stalled. Negotiations will be key in order to reach a solution which will benefit both the nations of eJapan and eTaiwan.

Of course we will continue to work on renewing our stack of MPPs, which are at the moment scarce. We will look to continue working with our current allies and look to establish new ones to maintain a strong position in the event of warfare.

Something which I feel is important is to work towards an open government. During the November term, a lot of ideas have been coming in from citizens, congressmen and politicians. I feel that it is important to listen to these ideas, which may be key in order to continue to be a progressive nation. As this is a democracy, not every suggestion can be implemented as there will always be people who oppose an idea, but in the event of a large majority of supporters (e.g. a law) it can and will be put up for vote and implemented in the form of a trial-run if need be.

I will work towards having an united government, consisting of the cabinet members that I have listed below as well as working together with other active politicians who wish to contribute towards a progressive eJapan.

I will also look to establish an agreement about deadlines for candidature and campaigning for the position of country president. It is important that citizens are given the opportunity to discuss and debate about cabinet plans, which can only be achieved if candidates publish their plans in due time. During this very ongoing election, candidates (including myself) have been to slow in the publishing of plans so that parties and members may decide who they wish to support. Articles, cabinets and plans should be public information and should not be hidden away from the public to see. This is important to maintain a democracy.

I will look to continue to work with our current military system and working towards motivating our citizens to continue to train, fight and participate in events so that they may defend our nation in the event that we are forced into another state of warfare.

Culture and History
I will once more bring up old (yet still present) Japanese traditions and cultural events to our nation. This will also be an opportunity for citizens to learn more about our (to some) unknown Japanese traditions. Anime and manga news will continue! We will also look to make publications of traditions and events based on the real life Japanese calendar.

For as long as we continue to be an occupied nation we will maintain the taxes as what they currently are. If we have our regions returned to us, we will look to raise taxes by 1% on carefully selected sectors of our economy. This is something that will be discussed and decided on when appropriate.

Cabinet for December
Minister of Defense: Squibeel
Minister of Education: Kantaaa
Minister of Culture and History: DankChronic
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Masaharu Homma
Minister of Internal Affairs: William of Edenbury
Minister of Communications: ahava3233
Minister of Finance: Tarasino
Minister of Security: Kantaaa

Bodyguard: Minamoto Rika
Advisor: 2DG

Lets do our best!
Ten Thousand Years!

Best of luck to all candidates ^^


Kitarou Yuki
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Candidate for Country President


FKNJUICY Day 2,204, 07:37

yehhhh kitarouuuu *-*

Kitarou Day 2,204, 09:35

Long time no chatty, first born eSon of mine : D

FKNJUICY Day 2,204, 11:54

yea ~~ a lot of school stress right now. Just one week and I'm finished. first? eDad... do I have a seqzi eSister *-*

Kitarou Day 2,204, 12:16

No Brashy-boy, but maybe soon? xD Yes first, because you have an eBrother as well now.. I adopted him^^

FKNJUICY Day 2,205, 06:35

I would love like a sister :3 Soon. *-* Who fried "Blade"rice? :3 you didnt ask him 🙁

Kitarou Day 2,205, 10:21

"love like a sister..."? You want Rice to be your sister..? I gotta stop drinking that much Sakura tea..

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,204, 12:40

tsk tsk brashy

Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,205, 08:06

lol fried, you're still alive, huh? (i'm Jsim)

2.D.G Day 2,206, 01:03

jsim, he was always alive, he just went under the name yakumo chen. Heh

2.D.G Day 2,204, 07:40

eJP needs more kitarou.

synhro Day 2,204, 07:47

Voted and good luck. o/

MaartenW Day 2,204, 07:49

Voted and supported! I especially like your point about banning all anime and manga from eJapan!

kowalski_afc Day 2,204, 07:51


Masaharu Homma
Masaharu Homma Day 2,204, 08:02

Interesting read. Voted!

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 2,204, 08:04

good luck - held og lykke 😃

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,204, 08:16

Dansk Mod eh..

Kitarou Day 2,204, 08:20

Mange taak : D Får sgu brug for det!

bobbySAURON Day 2,204, 08:09

Good luck Kitaboo 😃

Aryzn Day 2,204, 08:58

I think Tara is spot on about focusing on a Japanese translation, if you win how will you address this problem?

Kitarou Day 2,204, 09:08

First, no one seems to be working on those translations for the time being.
If we can gather most of, and hopefully all people who are in the project, including myself, and get started asap. If there isnt already a forum or channel for the translators, and idea could be to establish such for easier communications between them. Am I wrong when I say that the project has been standing still for too long?

Kitarou Day 2,204, 09:12

Also, when people are gathered ( to check if they are still active) each translator will start translating the game! This project has been going on for a very long time now and I think we should finish it till the very end, and make the eRep team set it up.

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 2,204, 14:35

But translation was not so good quality. h.idenshi was our 1 good translator and he stop play this game because of yudakens action. I am too busy. Other translator do not know Japanese well, so will write something hard to read.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,205, 14:43

It's exactly as Minami Saki said,
it's also a reason I stopped doing it --> my N4 is too little to do it properly , and phrases I could copy-paste from other internet sites has run out. ・_ ・

Kitarou Day 2,204, 09:07

Comment deleted

Aryzn Day 2,204, 09:10

I see, thanks Kitarou! I just wanted to make sure you did not intend to abandon this crucial task! ^.^

Kitarou Day 2,204, 09:14

I see no reason to do that : 3 Infact, Im one of the translators myself and I need to learn more Japanese as well as using my current level~

Darshu Day 2,204, 10:50

I don't know

Kitarou Day 2,204, 11:04

Then find out : ) Ask all you want!

Shirobu Day 2,204, 12:19

Good luck, and thanks for publishing

ardishabutaro Day 2,204, 17:38

good luck! office boy!

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,204, 18:15

Kick some ass Kitarou 😛 I think Im finally spellin yer name right more often than not lol

Auraborus Day 2,204, 20:56


ahava3233 Day 2,204, 21:39

Good luck to ya.

Valliere Day 2,204, 22:28

Vote for Kitarou-shi ~

Lucifel Day 2,205, 01:59

~GL~ Ten Thousand Years!

Kantaaa Day 2,205, 02:02

You want me to be both MoS & MoE ? 🙂

Good luck anyway !

MacBen Day 2,205, 02:36

and this Children is how Kantaaa invented Reeducation camps (jk)

Kantaaa Day 2,205, 05:27

Actually.... 😉

JetiShumadinac Day 2,205, 02:26

GL 🙂

Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,205, 08:08

I approve this 🙂

Good luck, Kitarou.

arhangellord Day 2,205, 14:47

Good luck

9axel5 Day 2,205, 22:00

Go Kitarou!

Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Day 2,206, 11:17



Kantaaa Day 2,208, 07:06

Congratz, Mr President !

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