Kingdom of Mindanao, No More?!

Day 811, 07:02 Published in Philippines Philippines by Comrade Joe

Incomng News:

As there is still unclear heir of the Kingdom/Sultanate of Mindanao, Many Revolution have broke out in the parts of Sulu, Agusan Del Sur, Davao, and the Mountainous Region of Bukidnon!

"There is no Heir! We have Dethrone them! We have "Sterilized" all their Relatives..... some of their relatives fled to Cebu, THE SULTAN AND HIS WIVES ARE DEAD! THE OTHER SONS IS DEAD AND THE PRINCE HAS FLED ! WE WILL "SILENCE" THEM ALL ! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!" Announced Live by Revolutionary Leaders in the TV MINDANAOANS in the occupied capital Davao city.

There is strict curfew and the revolutionary guards are roaming the streets with assault rifles and tanks, there is a declared no fly zone in the Capital in Davao City. There are still ongoing street fighting between the Loyalist and the Revolutionaries especially in Cotabato, Sulu and even in Zamboanga City.

The central government in Luzon has declared a state of Emergency in Mindanao and will be sending their Ground, Air, and Naval forces to help the Royalist but in an unexpected twist, there was a ambush in Siquijor Island, a nearby Island of Bohol and Cebu in the Visayas.
The Kingdom of Mindanao have declared the Butuan City of the Cagayan De Oro as the replacement capital.

As the current situation worsen there still no end in sight of this Regional Conflict.

We will always be Watching And will be giving you the Latest News.

Your Correspondent for the People's Review, Comrade Joe.