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Killrush - First Tournament results

Day 2,474, 01:20 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Rouku

Hey everyone.

The 3 day killrush tournament has just ended, and Shinsengumi has done quite well.

Division 1: 2nd place at 56,821,436
Division 2: 3rd place at 82,648,330
Division 3: 3rd place at 40,511,280
Division 4: 2nd place at 340,158,508

Well done to everyone who participated for the honour of the Shinsengumi.

As I mentioned in the newsfeed, I decided to do a little bonus for the Division 1 members, just my little contribution to the effort. At the time, I said that I would give a 25yen/million bonus to all Division 1 players, and an extra modifier for the top 5 depending on how we placed. Since we finished off at 2nd, I decided to apply a 1.5x modifier on the original 25yen, to give a final figure of 37.5yen/million for the top 5. Players who came in 6-10 received a 1.25x modifier, and 10+ is standard 1x.

Any player who contributed more than 500k damage to the tournament will receive some prizes. Since I also wanted to reward activity, I decided to implement a bonus round for players who had a very high number of opponents defeated. I decided to go with a bonus of .5 yen per defeated opponent. This bonus for opponents defeated allowed Tenball to sneak onto the prize list.

I would like to give special mention to MyWings for his extraordinary effort, along with Amonasmo, Uruz11 and Scoiatael.

Below is summary of prizes, I have rounded them (always up!) just to make things a bit more tidy. I apologise if the prizes seem low, it was something I kind of just thought up on the moment. Prizes will be distributed shortly

Note: It seems several people used bombs, but since my estimated difference is only a few million points, I decided to just leave it aside for this round. At worst, someone got an extra 50-60 yen out of it so no big deal.



synhro Day 2,474, 03:49

Nice Rouku-san~
That's the SSG spirit for you!


Eupasos Day 2,474, 03:59


sto kila bazuki
sto kila bazuki Day 2,474, 05:31

I'm little worried about all this, I'm afraid that we are getting almost nothing from this tournament.
We needed to get percents of damage from the ones before us. We needed to get 90% or 80% off first place.
D1 is not winner. We had 56821436 and we needed at least 62735594 damage for 3-rd place.
Same goes with D2, we needed 62735594 damage.
And same goes with D3 and D4 (there is huge difference and there is no need to calculate).

So we get nothing

sto kila bazuki
sto kila bazuki Day 2,474, 05:37

Gotta correct myself the only division we win is D2, we have 3-rd place.
I miscalculated, I have imputed wrong damage value.

D2 gets:
1 day of -99% Training Contract
1 +50% Damage Booster of 20 minutes

While other divisions get
1 +50% Damage Booster of 20 minutes

synhro Day 2,474, 05:38

Yeah, this percentage system is idiotic.

We bust our asses to win a podium position, then get nothing if the first placed is damage overkiller.

Rouku Day 2,474, 13:01

Ah well, even though we didn't win anything from the tournament, I think the effort shown was quite good.

Our damage from the last tournament I tracked (New World Cup) was around 45mil over 7 days excluding me. The fact that we were able to pretty much do the exact same damage over a much shorter period of 3 days is quite a good trend. So based on that alone I think giving out a bit of yen isn't too unreasonable.

In the end, some people did work quite hard. So even though there's no official tournament reward, I think people should still get something for their activity. Its just a matter of boosting the # of our active combatants a bit more and next time we'll take it.

Amonasmo Crew
Amonasmo Crew Day 2,474, 06:44

Thanks very much o>

Hail SSG!

metehan2010 Day 2,474, 18:55


Hiroki Nagamine
Hiroki Nagamine Day 2,474, 23:09

Voted and thank you for the reward 🙂

H E X Day 2,475, 01:05

Thanks ^^

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