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Killing in the name of... [repost]

Day 1,346, 02:29 Published in Serbia Serbia by Dio Hostilian

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Hello world!

Maybe you heard about the mercenary medal. Maybe you haven't. That's irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that I'm killing people on your behalf and I want YOU to pay me for doing so.

For the time being, I've killed 25 (or more) enemies of the following countries:

1) Serbia
2) UK
3) Undisclosed country ①
4) Israel
5) USA
6) Romania
7) Iran
8 ) Slovakia

If your country is not on the list and you'd like some help killing your enemies, feel free to summon me.

Here are my stats:

:: Hostilian (Field Marshal [42], 4727.244 strength) influence :: [Q0: 1204] [Q1: 1445] [Q2: 1686] [Q3: 1927] [Q4: 2168] [Q5: 2409] ::

SeeKill you on the battlefield!

Disclaimer: if you don't pay me to kill for you, I'll kill you to get paid. By reading this article you've automatically accepted the disclaimer, so either pay or get yourself killed.

① Mentioning the name of this country erased my last article. I reported the moderator that erased my article and I await his removal from the team and, hopefully, permaban for misusing his position. The country in question is the one located south of Serbia and north of Greece. That is the country I will never fire a single bullet for again.


Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,346, 02:31

Shame is on you, southern "friends".

Krindendo Day 1,346, 02:34

UeS moderatori!

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,346, 02:55

Shame on those identity confused Bulgarians!

Dio Ymdar
Dio Ymdar Day 1,346, 03:16


Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,346, 03:38

Да та земља о којој причаш није можда Б.Ј.Р.М. ?

Ther0n Day 1,346, 03:38

Zeka-Peka Day 1,346, 02:34
1h 3m ago

UeS moderatori!


milos_jablanovic Day 1,346, 05:26

=====CHAIN SHOUT=====

ServerMan Day 1,346, 09:30

Rage Against The Machine! xD

Uros Radovanovic
Uros Radovanovic Day 1,346, 09:58

Ако је неко пријавио чланак пријавио га је због коментара, а за то сам добрим делом и ја крив... : )

Хејл Емерик и земља слободе, Емерика! : )

EDMONDTOT Day 1,346, 13:58


Nemamja Day 1,346, 14:13

Juzno od Srbije i severno od Grcke...... hmmmmm..... Moldavija?????

AleksaP Day 1,346, 16:20

Mongolija bre!

szbszig Day 1,347, 10:58

If you're considering sending gold to him, well, just send it to me instead. I make 3013 influence with a single q5 hit. 😛:P

Lord Tinchosss Day 1,364, 13:06

Comment deleted

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