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Kiełbasa > Hamburger?

Day 1,631, 23:46 Published in USA Czech Republic by Red Duck

After reading comments here...

"It's hard for Americans to understand, but McDonald's is almost heaven-sent to these people," says Tim Fenton, the head of McDonald's Poland, as he gestures toward one of his 17 booming stores. "It's some of the best food around. The service is quick, and people smile. You don't have to pay to use the bathroom. There's air conditioning. The place isn't filled with smoke. We tell you what's in the food. And we want you to bring kids.

There used to be resistance to ideas from abroad," says Ed Rensi, the portly chief of McDonald's USA. "No more." And nowhere is the spirit of this global burgerpreneurism more evident than in Poland. Five years after the fall of communism, the Poles are busy scrubbing four decades of soot off buildings. New, brightly colored commercial signs, including those of Pizza Hut and Burger King, are cropping up like wild mushrooms.


> Hamburger? Lets bring almost heaven to Poland.


General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,631, 23:52

Ew... Mcdonalds is TERRIBLE. Proud to say I have had nothing there but fries and McFrappe's(which are orgasmic) in a year and a hafl 🙂

Tokolose Day 2,101, 05:28

McD's fries organic???? Have you fallen on your head 8-O

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,631, 23:54

Sure, its junk food in USA but almost heaven in Poland:)

AlenJax Day 1,632, 00:01

poetic vote

Cotarius Day 1,632, 00:02

I have been in Poland and they have much better food then Mcdonalds.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,632, 00:03

Death to Mc Donald's. This country deserves better! I try to avoid that place as much as I can and I grew up on it.

Lawyee Day 1,632, 00:06

Duck, I certainly have never been to Poland or you just try to earn points in America - in a very wrong way as it was proved, though

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,632, 00:44

I ofc have been in Poland and unfortunately almost all Czechs were at least once consumens of Polish products, like chocolates without cocao, sausages without meat or yoghurts without milk. But purpose of this article is just troll trolls not seriously blaming your food:)

Rostryga Day 1,632, 02:26

Polish food is great. Red, You should about it...
And Hamburger? Hmmm, If You like...

Eddard Ned Stark
Eddard Ned Stark Day 1,632, 02:56

Kiełbasa > Hamburger

DCXII Day 1,633, 11:13

Parek v rochlike forever 🙂

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