Kelstein’s Baby Steps: Daily Order Mechanics

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Every other day someone in Soimii Patriei is asking..why are we not changing the Daily Order on another battle...why is it setted-up on this battle and not on another..when you explain the people the mechanics of DO they don’t believe it here it is a tutorial with pictures about it!

Kelstein’s Baby Steps - Daily Order Mechanics

What is Daily Order? (DO)

Daily Order is the fighting order of every military unit - YOU MUST be part of a military unit to have a DO

Simple Rules about DO:

1. Daily Order can be completed once a day - no matter how many MU you are going to change that day!
2. The Reward of the DO it’s always the same!*

there are situations when the reward is different, I won’t discuss those today

Who and how do they set DO?

1. Commander of MU - this means even the 2 second commanders of the MU
2. The Regiment Captain
3. Mu’s Priorities

In this 3 simple rules are the rules that create the confusion among erepublik citizen and I will explain why!

When you are in erepublik you can see just one Order on the first page!

But besides this there can be another 19 available DOs set! - yes yoa read that right!

Let’s explain how this is possible!

we’ll take today erepublik date - 2433

Day Change - The mechanics of the game will reset any MU’s Daily Order at DC according the MU’s priorities

Every MU has 5 priorities - this are the 5 of MU Soimii Patriei

What is the meaning of this?

It means of there is no battle open for any of: Romania/Greece/Argentina/Sweden/ Slovenia there will be NO Daily Order set up at DC - and this situation will persist till a commander or captain will set up the DO.- this cases are rare...but they exist and they create confusion.

Another important point is, for example if the Order from the Leaders of Romania is to fight for Argentina and the DO is set accordingly...but there is an open battle for Romania as Day Change the Daily Order will change automatically on the battle of Romania!

and now the interesting and confusing part of the mechanics….

1st Experiment

Lets take again Day Change 2433 - The DO was setted up automatically on the Greece vs FYROM battle there was no Romanian battle and Greece is the MU priorities.

And me as a member of the MU I decid to fight there...the result is:

Ok no surprises so far...but now I will set up the Daily Order as a Commander on another battle:

BUT I DECIDE that I WILL FIGHT for GREECE - on the same battle as the previous order!

Without fighting for France against USA after 2 more kills for Greece DO is looking like this:

Ok what did we learn that I can fight for DO that were setted up in the same erepublik day…that does not appear anymore on the first page as it’s an “old” DO..but it still counts at the 25 kills neccessary for the DO

2nd Experiment

Elbandido - 2nd Commander of Soimii Patriei setted up the Daily Order in Serbia vs Croatia this morning...but because I the commander setted up an order already...just mine appears on the first page...let’s see what is the result if I fight in Sebia vs Croatia...even if I never setted up this order...but another “Commander” did it.

And as you can see ..even if I still did not fight for kills number increased...on my Daily Order count on the first page!

2nd Experiment - Conclusion

In parallel with the orders setted up by the Commander any DO setted up by a 2nd commander during the erepublik day...will count for DO even if you can’t see it on the first page!

3rd Experiment - When the Captain sets up the DO

razvvy the captain of 14th regiment - regiment in care which I am a member as well, setted up the Daily Order on the battle Sweden vs Lithuania

Even of this battle does not appear on the first page - I decide to fight there...and the result is..

without fighting for Greece the last 3 count still increased with 3 ..because I fought in a Daily Order setted up by the CAPTAIN of my regiment

3rd Experiment Conclusion

So as we can see even if the DO setted up by the captain does not “appear” on the first let’s summarise:

1.Any DO setted up by any of the MU’s Commanders during one erepublik day COUNTS!
2. Any DO setted up by the CAPTAIN of your REGIMENT during one erepublik day COUNTS!
3. ANy DO setted up by the priorities of the MU during one erepublik day COUNTS!

Every Commander has 5 options/ day and every captain another 5 - this means 20 possible Daily Order / every erepublik day!

Think about the possibilities of this (if you Elite MU especially) for example - when you have a Freedom Fighter “party” in a country you can set all the fights as a DO and all your young members can do their Daily Order and Part of the FF medal in the same time - for old players 25 extra fight means nothing..for a player in lower divisions 25 less fight means everything!

To avoid the confusion and make the most of the Daily Orders mechanics, Soimii Patriei is using a spreadsheet which is always posted as title on the MU feed - all captains and commaders have editing access to it!

It is a simple solution which I don’t know if any other MU is using - I don’t want you to believe that we are claiming to invent the wheel here..we are just sharing our experience

That’s pretty much all about the Daily Order - if you have any questions please leave them in the comments

fâl fâl fâl for now,