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Day 1,881, 03:58 Published in Serbia Serbia by The Milliner

My seaside house got infested by vermin recently, and I knew I ought to act ere the menace spreads. So I found this advertisement in newspaper:

I gave 'em a call and I believe they're soon to finish the job.

Keep it clean


The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,881, 03:59

Thank you, "Sprinkle 'Em Good". o7

VampirisLav Day 1,881, 04:01

Thank you hamster slayers! You have saved the village!

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,881, 04:01

No, my friend - this is a štakor.

VampirisLav Day 1,881, 04:34

Don't kill one's dreams. They can extend their trade to other vermin. :3

Mystela Day 1,881, 04:47

222 \o/


EI matador
EI matador Day 1,881, 04:59


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