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Joint Statement of Parties

Day 1,888, 00:44 Published in Austria Austria by II. Dexx

It's nice to see people want to do more for this country and party presidents are willing to cooperate for the greater good. But to solve problems we should start the cleanup somewhere else.

First of all I would started with statements where you all kindly ask party presidents, members and ordinary players to stop wearing symbols of death from all direction of extremism. If we can all find a healthy scale we can play this game's political module that would be very nice, and the backbone of future cooperation.

Secondly, some people here simply hate each other. It's hard to think elsewhere when Vreath write about ratholes and others continously insult hungarians etc. No worries every society have a lowest part of people. It's hard to deal with, but they will simply die out by time.

But writing about cooperation and then banning a party's official spokesman (Me!😁 from all austrian channels does not fully reflect the goal you want to reach.

So, it's a nice article, but nothing more, yet.

Thank you!


lazo Day 1,888, 00:47

Épp suboltam, s a kapcsa azt a dta ki, hogy Synagogue. : D

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,888, 00:48


Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,888, 01:45

We dont forget 😉
So dont cry and try to act as a normal guy, we know you are just a crazy extreme rightwing hungarian whos goal is to strengthen hungary and harm austria

Again my advice: Study some history and dont live in the past 😉

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,888, 01:56

reading u, vreath and some others u r way more extreme than me lol. and swearing like vreath do for example in a game like this tells me u r also crazy.. history is a thing i know way better than most of u. my goal was always to expand austrias borders, and a fact that we were the biggest wit most bonus when i was the prezident ; )

Tarsolytestver Day 1,888, 02:37

God save the Emperor!

Schwrzwolf Day 1,888, 02:59

"a fact that we were the biggest wit most bonus when i was the prezident ; ) "
-> Just to make it clear for people who might not have witnessed your little wannabe dictatorship: this was only achieved for a very short amount of time and at the expense of an ally at that time. You only attacked because your impeachment was imminent and you wanted to disrupt our foreign policy a little more. Plus, now you have a (very weak) argument to make these ridiculous statements that eAustria was stronger, when in fact, the only strong factor back then was the broad opposition against you.

Also, I still have tons of that cake I baked for your alter ego Emmerich. It's a bit old and brown by now, but we as we know, you like to cling to things from the past.

Vreath Day 1,888, 03:15

Fight fire with fire, thats what I do. Get off our beatiful lawn. Dogs arent allowed on it.

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,888, 04:03

no darling it is just privitivism : )

Eheslo Day 1,888, 06:40

No nagyjából ennyit is ért a nyilatkozat, mint ait itt a kommentekben is olvashatunk.
Az aláírói is.

praetorianus74 Day 1,890, 17:27

Mit vártok?
Védekeznek ellenetek.
Elrontjátok a játékélményüket.
Gondolom, nem felejtették a tavalyi Dexx féle ámokfutást.

Egy szocdem hagyományokkal rendelkező országban bajos náciként létezni.

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