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Join the National Guard Military Unit

Day 1,920, 20:09 Published in USA Netherlands by jmurrib21

The National Guard military Unit is looking for active members that are Always There and are Always Ready.

Characteristics of a great active member:

- Reply to our Forum Daily orders

- Move to another country in call of duty

- Reply to weekly Platoon Roll Calls, We have four Mobile platoons.

Desired and encouraged characteristic:

- Have a nickname on Rizon IRC
- Join our chat room #usng-public

Minimal requirements:

- 50 strength

- In-game rank of Corporal - or 25 influence with Bare fist hit

- Submit your application to:

- Work in our commune



Candor Day 1,920, 21:09


Powow Day 1,921, 00:49

█▀█▀█ █

BivY Day 1,921, 01:37


Ruthain Day 1,922, 17:31

\o/ NG

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,924, 04:28

Voted. Go NG!

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