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Day 2,067, 04:49 Published in Italy Italy by Italian Foreign Office

Citizens of the New World,

We are writing this article to remind you about an useful resource to help you to progress in your game experience: the eRepublik Wiki.
The eRepublik Wiki, just like every wiki you know, is a documentation about the game written by skilled players that got used to game mechanics and how the general game works. They wrote down in wiki pages how things work, strategies and helpful tips, so that new players have a way to learn about certain events or game mechanics.
The eRepublik Wiki lets new users slowly turn into experienced users, so that they will be able to help new users just like they were.

On the eRepublik Wiki you can also find informations about users by clicking on the wiki link in their profile (), information about certain Military Units, Parties, Nations or even information about ongoing wars. This is possible thanks to the efforts of the users contributing to the wiki.

According to this, people playing the game for the first time should get used to it in a little amount of time; however, we all well know in fact lots of new users get stuck because they don’t fully understand some parts of the game, so they give up at last and leave.

Recently, in the last international meeting, game administrators have admitted that the layout isn’t attractive as you would expect from a 2013 browser game, that’s why they announced some graphic and mechanics improvements to keep players in eRepublik. The experienced citizens know that, apart of the appearance of the game, they can find an alive and kicking community entertaining you during the pauses between the work-train cycles.
Together with the main site improvements, the wiki has to improve too; however, since the wiki is made by users for users, we have to put our effort into it.

That’s why WE WANT YOU!

Are you an already-skilled editor with experience on other wikis? We need you!
Just like eRepublik, the wiki needs some layout improvements and some other technical stuff, like several templates to get optimised or updated to a new mechanism.

Are you unfamiliar with the wiki but still want to help update and maintain the wiki? We need you too!
On the wiki there are documentations about how to be a good editor, basic page layouts and guides to create a page for your own citizen.

Even if you don’t get something, there are skilled users ready to help you. You can get in touch with them in the eRepublik Bar or on IRC Rizon channel #wiki .

If you still don’t have an account on the eRepublik Wiki, you can request one here!

There are pages that need translation too! If English isn’t your native language, you may want to take part to Translation Project. Check out this page about the project and check if your native language needs for translator!

eRepublik Wiki Administration

Sponsored by:
eItalian Government
eItalian Ministry of Home Affairs
and the eDutch Ministry of Recruitment and Coaching


Ministero degli Interni
Ministero degli Interni Day 2,067, 04:49

First comment reserved to eItalian Government.

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 2,067, 05:37

First reply to first comment reserved to ... me

Grizz_x Day 2,067, 22:18

First reply to first reply to first comment reserved to ... me

SkyGreek 2.0
SkyGreek 2.0 Day 2,068, 03:55

First reply to first reply to first reply to first comment reserved to me.

milky97 Day 2,068, 07:02

First reply toFirst reply to first reply to first reply to first comment reserved to me.

drobex2 Day 2,068, 09:24

First reply to first reply to first reply to first reply to first reply to first comment reserved to Dobex

RIP Bogdan
RIP Bogdan Day 2,069, 15:13

first is just not good enough anymore

National eItaly
National eItaly Day 2,067, 04:50

Second comment reserved to eItalian Government.

SkyGreek 2.0 Day 2,068, 03:56

Comment deleted

Anonimo88102 Day 2,068, 10:29

first reply to second comment reserved to me xD

Italian Foreign Office
Italian Foreign Office Day 2,067, 04:50

Third comment reserved to eItalian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Italian Foreign Office
Italian Foreign Office Day 2,067, 04:52

For shouts:

Join the eRepublik Wiki

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 04:53

Andate a poleare in faccia a STACEPPA adesso.

Hinamarth Day 2,067, 05:50


erkiller96 Day 2,067, 07:27


R4ger Day 2,067, 05:08

Reserved to eGreek Community.

Rican Day 2,067, 05:12


ricky4a Day 2,067, 05:12

Reserved to eItalian official translator

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 05:14


BACCHUSD Day 2,068, 04:41

Second reply to Riccardo N00b reserved to the only wiki user with "Fancazzista" badge (don't try to achieve that, you have no chance)

MaZzA Day 2,067, 05:18

No thanks

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 05:23


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 2,067, 05:19


Gregory IV
Gregory IV Day 2,067, 05:30

Fourth comment reserved to I'm MoD, I'm CM, and last but not least, I'm MoFail.

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 05:42

Go away! >

Dot Hunty
Dot Hunty Day 2,067, 06:22

fourth comment...?

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 06:31

/me writes down

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 2,067, 05:39

Hello! Very good articole, gratz!

Can I translate and publish this in Romania too? : )

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 05:42

Of course you can!
If possible, get in touch with your Government to make it widespreaded to your community.

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 2,067, 05:44

I'll publish it in the Ministry of Education newspaper

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 2,067, 05:44


Yamisuke Day 2,067, 05:46


Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 2,067, 05:55

Excellent to see some support from the community for the wiki since hasn't really ever been edited in large numbers by the community.

Yamisuke Day 2,067, 06:19

We do what we can, senior wiki. :>

kthniatros Day 2,067, 06:02


santirub Day 2,067, 12:19


eJoker93 Day 2,067, 17:18

69th vote and 16th comment reserved to the swag.

Panikk Day 2,068, 02:20


Swoosh. Day 2,068, 02:31

what is the eSalary for wiki editors ? 🙂

paradoxuss Day 2,068, 02:52

what is the eSalary anybody

gudrinieks Day 2,068, 03:17

Just applied for translators project, what's next!?

towyl Day 2,068, 05:49

@eSalary is Gold(Awards Only), I am already a wiki editor lol:)

chibcha1970 Day 2,068, 07:03

next comment of the Colombian goverment

Pitcity Day 2,068, 08:50

When people can start translating?

Pitcity Day 2,068, 15:54

btw i've already translated 3 pages, but i haven't access to translating lots other 🙁

klop123 Day 2,068, 10:34

o/ Already a wiki editor!

We need help with the WW6 page : 3

Duxx Day 2,068, 10:35


Duje 1983
Duje 1983 Day 2,068, 16:12

What do we get by writing articles on wiki

The Patriot of EU
The Patriot of EU Day 2,069, 01:33

no help neaded

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