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Join our Elite Military Unit and win some awesome rewards

Day 2,404, 08:00 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by

Hello everybody
As you know the admins have launched a new tournament for military units.

Here in this article I am inviting you to join the Macedonian Army

Our military unit has an ELITE status which means everyone can join , no matter which citizenship you have.
Our militatary unit has won many tournaments with FIRST PLACE and has always been in the top 5 military units worldwide.

Anyway there are some awesome rewards coming from the admins like this one :

Apart from the rewards given based on Military Unit’s performance on a national scale, a separate international Regiment Leaderboard can be found in the Weekly Leaderboards. The ranking will be based on damage.

Regiment rewards from the Regiment Competition

Top 25 Regiments worldwide will get an Elite Status and 50,000 currency for their Military Unit, plus 250,000 currency divided evenly between all the members of that Regiment

Another awesome feature is this one :

The total number of Prestige Points achieved by a Regiment will award a temporary damage upgrade to Bazookas.
Besides cash, Energy Bars, Training Contracts and such, try to wrap your head around this:
Up to 75 x Bazooka Damage!!

Whoa, that’s 750.000 damage/hit, or 2.250.000 damage for each Bazooka! That’s some major firepower, regardless of your Strength!

So I am inviting you to join our Military Unit and fight togheter with the best Macedonian players. The strongest players will be organised togheter in one regiment so that we can go to the top 25 worldwide and win those rewards.
Please note that one regiment can have 50 members.
The next 50 members will be sorted in a second regiment and so on.

Every player that shall join our Military unit please contact me in Private message so that I can put you in the correct regiment.

Together we can win!!
United we stand divided we fall



Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Day 2,404, 08:12


Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Day 2,404, 08:13

i didnt give a shit about been 1st to comment........

good luck old mucker

poletarec Day 2,404, 09:13


yBasara Day 2,404, 09:41

Comment deleted

TheTrendoReborn Day 2,404, 09:54


TheTrendoReborn Day 2,404, 09:55

Comment deleted

Jurukov Day 2,404, 10:27


GoodBeer Day 2,404, 11:22


Felllix Day 2,404, 12:53


Cheap Sunglasses
Cheap Sunglasses Day 2,404, 12:56

get ready to fall

Mr.Santino. Day 2,404, 14:28


eApokalipsa Day 2,404, 15:41

292 v

Anakin Skywalker MKD
Anakin Skywalker MKD Day 2,404, 16:22


wschwabe Day 2,404, 23:26

Fight for a better economy-modul.
Fight for more votes.

Oleksandr II
Oleksandr II Day 2,405, 01:31

Join our Elite Military Unit and win some awesome rewards

Lethal21 Day 2,405, 11:49

Join our Elite Military Unit and win some awesome rewards

ElektrodataNaTiger Day 2,406, 04:33

Со стегната рака ја пишуваше статијава?

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