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Join Communist Party of Cyprus for Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood

Day 1,980, 14:48 Published in Cyprus Turkey by Vasili Zaytsev

Hello e-socialists, e-communists and people of Free and United Cyprus.

We are the Communist Party of Cyprus a growing party in eCyprus. We are calling all of our brothers and sisters who want free, united and self-contained eCyprus.

To rise the red flag of liberty, to spread the light of socialism, to protect our Free and United homeland,

                           JOIN COMMUNIST PARTY of CYPRUS



Vasili Zaytsev
Vasili Zaytsev Day 1,980, 14:49

if there's no pirinç, eat cake instead...

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,981, 04:11

bulgur please for freedom

pipo lolo
pipo lolo Day 1,981, 05:53


Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,981, 10:30

this article approved by fidel castro

iaberis Day 1,981, 16:42


lambann Day 1,982, 03:42

sou euhome na analavei ti hora sou koummounistis kai na sou kourepsei ti periousia sou.
na min eheis na fas kai meta ela na xanamilisoume!!!

Vasili Zaytsev
Vasili Zaytsev Day 1,982, 08:23

erm, what?

GSmyrlof Day 1,982, 04:06

Glory to Communist Party of Cypurs!

actualguns Day 1,982, 12:17

Lol implying we Jews are equal to you untermensch.

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