Jenkins67 wants to have 2nd term as PP

Day 4,344, 02:07 Published in USA USA by Jenkins67

I want a second term as PP for WTP.

My first promise last term was:
"I promise to do my best to recruit new members."
Thanks to Monsieur Manchukuo (who is heading this program), we lost one member and gained three!

My second was:
"Help new citizens with their aspirations."
I have put together some simple educational programs, especially for congress.

My third was:
"Work with all of the other parties, Congress, POTUS, and MU's."
We helped Derp win CP!

By running for a second term, these campaign promises I will continue to work on. Hopefully they will be cemented in the party and passed on to future PP's for WTP.

Vote Jenkins67 for WTP party president.


P.S. Sorry I put no entertaining pictures.