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Dear All,
For those who dont know about us, we are all part of JELLY ARMY that has been moving around from one country to another in order to help the country we called home.

Now Chile is our new home.

We thank you for accepting our application to became part of your country and we do hope that we can give contribution to our new home.

Few info about us is, we originally come from Indonesia then went out to several countries. But most of the time we are living in Lithuania. Some of our stories can be found here: Story of JELLY ARMY. Too bad we havent update our wiki for long time.

We also part of TOP Organization that you can found here: Totally Outlaw Party
we are non partisan and also active in RL to help those who needs. You can read our wiki there.

Just it for intro, once again thank you for the opportunity.
note: more ladies here more active we are 😛 lol
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