Day 1,876, 22:55 Published in Lithuania Indonesia by o0n3m00o

It's hard decision for us, but there is time when we say hello and there is time when we say good bye. And now, that time has come...
Its been pleasure to fight side by side with you all and we will never forget the warmth and the welcome you gave us all this time..
However, game getting bored and we need to find another reason to keep play here. So, today, we Jelly Army will move to another country with hope that We can survive in this bored age.

No body perfect, we are all not supreme human being, therefor from the bottom of our heart, please accept our apologize if there is anything bad did by us. Personally by me.. I already made a mistake by hurting someone special in Jelly Land. Hope someday I get forgiven...

One thing for sure, we already family. Someday, we will miss our home just like long time ago. Hope when the time come for us to coming home again to Jelly Land, there will be family who will welcome us.

See you later and hope all the best for the people of Jelly Land.

Thank you so much...